Friday, July 19, 2019

Felix Pantaleon

Caliberhitter AKA Felix Pantaleon, Jr. on – Felix Pantaleon, Jr. STALKING Women on Dating Site & YANKS Himself!

Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon, Jr.) joins to TROLL popular ONLINE DATING SITE Is a STALKER of women and children trying to hide his identity from the ladies??? Internet Predator, Felix Pantaleon AKA 22caliberhitter, preys upon profiles! MATCH AT YOUR OWN...


Caliberhitter RECRUITS Friends for Sinister YouTube Videos Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA Caliberhitter and New Yorker Buddy Jovan Lee Muniz THREATEN People with VIOLENCE! When a Washington Heights YouTuber has no more options left, he finds new ways to scare the trolls...
SIMONETTI SOURCE - Pete - Peter Anthony Simonetti - New York Yankee fan (bad rap) - NYYnews.comvideo

New York Yankee Fan’s BAD RAP | SICILIANO KING

NastyNorthNYC - SICILIANO KING is actually Italian Scallion Peter Anthony Simonetti makes MUSIC and a HUGE MISTAKE! Cappin' someone's A$$ while sporting a New York Yankees logo on BASEBALL CAP! is Peter (Pete) Anthony Simonetti from Virginia & an IDIOT...
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