PANTALEON the PREDATOR: Non-Stop Harassment and Online Cruelty

Cyber-bully and internet HOAXER, Felix Pantaleon, trolling 24/7 – ADMITS to being part of a GANG STALKING crew!

THREATS to a VICTIM’S PARENTS from Sandy Hook… and others – posted to a Google+ Community and TROLLED for LULZ.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. posted more hate to Truther Wars, a Google+ Communty Pantaleon owns and operates as a side business. The only problem? The G+ Comm makes no money and makes absolutely no sense. The members set out to discredit real truthers, truth tellers and truth seekers.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. threats of contacting Child Protective Services to a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim's parent.
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is Caliberhitter, owner and operator of G+ Community Truther Wars.

Would you accept this type of behavior from a handful of individuals if it were you?

Just a few months ago, Pantaleon stated from his HOAXER account, “I own Benny boy #wait4it Why is Benny backed up by Soros yet can’t do nothing about me and I live in Manhattan? 😂 – Honr is totald (sic) thanks for the lulz” and before that, “Goodluck with your lulzsuit Benny”

Telling a parent, who had his 6-year-old child murdered, that he is going to make a false report to CPS? Actions like these are only going to bring more suffering to the family. Ignore the threats and hate? Ignoring the trolls can sometimes make things worse for the victim of online abuse. Granted, many trolls will get bored and move on. The Community in Truther Wars are a different breed of troll.

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Major League Trolling: Caliberhitter of Truther Wars

Major League Bonkers - Felix Pantaleon, Jr.
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. under his Caliberhitter Google+ account. Pantaleon makes a threat to stalk the parent of a Sandy Hook Elementary School victim, take pictures and have them posted online.

These words are a clear demonstration of GANG STALKING! Anonymous entities!? This is something far worse than online trolling. Felix Pantaleon is doing one of two things: Pantaleon wants to scare a person into looking over their shoulder for unwanted paparazzi or he is seriously plotting to bring the online obsession from New York to a real neighborhood in Florida with others.

While most people would run to get a lawsuit against this New York troll from Washington Heights, Pantaleon has a tiny bit of understanding when it comes to the law. He has managed to duck jail and prison for his entire criminal life. The crimes of stalking and harassing and trolling are very extensive and the Google+ Community is a safe haven for others exactly like him.

“I own Benny boy #wait4it” – Felix Pantaleon (posted from a Pantaleon sock puppet account ‘HOAXER’ in Truther Wars G+ Community)

So, if this troll is not going behind bars, why should that troll go? On top of deflecting from their obvious crimes of stalking and harassing, Truther Wars presently has over three hundred (300) members. Seems like big league numbers watching the games, right? On the contrary, the losing team of rag-tag bullies hide behind multiple sock puppet accounts.

Trolling the Pinstripes!
All-Star New York Yankees Trolling!

Lawsuits and restraining orders against Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

If a person harasses another from Truther Wars, they want the accuser to prove it with IP addressees. Acting tough and demanding electronic proof takes subpoenas and different types of warrants… what-have-you… cyber crime laws vary from State to State. The good news for many of us, laws are changing. The bad news is for the hardcore hurt trolls, suicide trolls, death stalkers and those obsessed with public figures.

New York Yankees, #Pizzagate, 9/11 and harassing parents of Sandy Hook... these are a few of Pantaleon's favorite things.
Screenshot Felix Pantaleon’s message and Photoshopped the artwork. – Truther Wars 2018

Sometimes the laws work, sometimes they do not. One troll living inside Truther Wars had messed with a female so terribly, she took matters into her own hands, showing up on this Truther Wars trolls front doorsteps with a handgun to end the madness. Other trolls inside the Truther Wars Community go for young children, downloading whatever they can find on public social networking platforms, sometimes the private ones too.

New Targets introduced to Truther Wars

The accounts inside Felix Pantaleon’s Truther Wars Community are (for the most part) trolls. Occasionally a person will fall into the fun, not realizing these people of 300 are actually a handful of losers who have trolled each other for years and years and years. Truther Wars trolls get bored and when the fresh meat comes into their Comm., it’s on.

Butt-hurt forever... Felix Pantaleon, Jr. rages at anyone in his G+ Community Truther Wars.
World Series-style trolling of Felix Pantaleon, Jr. – the real terrorist from G+ Community Truther Wars…

Trolled while at the 2017 World Series – L.A. vs. Houston

I was very fortunate to see the 2017 World Series, Game Two – Los Angeles Dodgers played the Houston Astros… World Champion Houston Astros. Of course I love to set bait for the idiot trolls, announcing like Vin Scully on crack, “I’m going, going, GONE! I got tickets to see Game 2, y’all!”

And there were a couple of accounts letting me know they had “people” at the game. I’m sure the trolls loved when the Dodgers lost, didn’t matter to me though. I got to see a live game and told them I would catch a homerun ball. Said I would catch a visitor homer and toss it back on the field. There is video somewhere of me reaching for it, but I was about ten feet away. So close. The trolls in Truther Wars hate people who have a good time. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has taken pictures of me at baseball games and written articles how the fans were “lucky” I didn’t flip out and kill everyone.

I would not put it past Pantaleon, Jr. if he hasn’t tried to call the stadiums I’ve been to, as it is his mission and the game of trolling from Truther Wars to call cops, call businesses, call anywhere to make a person having a good time have an interesting time.

Trial by fire? Sure, why not?

It’s nothing to be proud of, being a troll or troll hunter or troll stomper. One of those sporting moments from Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money!” – and there is no money. No guts. No glory. Just constant bickering and always trying to one up the other troll.

Truther Wars trolls… targeted harassment from Pantaleon, Jr. has been going on for years. There will be so many happy people when that troll packs up his gear and gets shipped back to the farm system.

Truther Wars... behind pinstripes or behind bars?
Truther Wars Community… behind pinstripes or behind bars?
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