Caliberhitter RECRUITS Friends for Sinister YouTube Videos

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA Caliberhitter and New Yorker Buddy Jovan Lee Muniz THREATEN People with VIOLENCE!

When a Washington Heights YouTuber has no more options left, he finds new ways to scare the trolls into silence

There’s not much to say about this one. Jovan Lee Muniz palled around with cyber bullies and helped make some threats against a man on YouTube. After a bit of research, Muniz seems as if he has turned his life around. We wish the same could be said for Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Keep in mind, these were the earlier days of YouTube. The “Wild West” of online madness was even wilder. It’s still unclear if Muniz and Pantaleon, Jr. remained friends after the video was uploaded. It’s unclear if Muniz really knew what he was getting into when Pantaleon, Jr. asked if he could record him.

What is clear? Maybe just hoping/imagining a person who once threatened another YouTuber for Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is doing other things these days?  Steering clear of the online garbage is a great idea.

Good luck in life, Jovan Lee Muniz and we hope you continue to better yourself…

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