Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon, Jr.) joins to TROLL popular ONLINE DATING SITE

Is a STALKER of women and children trying to hide his identity from the ladies???

Internet Predator, Felix Pantaleon AKA 22caliberhitter, preys upon profiles! MATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

A 6’2″ Dominican male from Washington Heights, New York is 100% single and ready to mingle. He likes baseball, watching sports, talking about sports and thinking about sports. There is no mention in the profile about his main hobbies: disrespecting women, children, his family and making fun or dead people for laughs. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has completely run out of options and will forever be alone in life because he got rekt for being a mega online predator. Pantaleon, Jr. was doing fine without the help of a dating site. Afterall, the scumbag screws himself on the daily… and has been doing it HARD for years. – LOOK OUT!

Hey, Ladies in the Place: I’m calling out to ya…

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Dating with the help of a computer can be an interesting experience. Some online lovers will tell you internet dating is much easier than going to bars and definitely gives a person many more options. There are those who are shy and others who may have busy schedules. Online dating makes it easy to shop for love in the comfort of your own homes, on your own time. But is it safe?

Singles often say, “it’s a jungle out there!” because there are so many scams and fakers. Users sign up, narrow the fields to what they may have in common with a potential mate, then order up their partner like a pizza. And let’s forget about the horn-dogs hoping for a midnight booty call. Hey, nobody is judging anybody’s journey into online romance. But what if someone you were genuinely interested in had used old pictures, lied about living with their mother and father at the age of 30-something, is known for trolling people who disagree with him and was considered to be a potential terrorist by the FBI?

We need to take a look at one of the worst internet stalkers who gets off on harassing people for his own pleasure. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. of Washington Heights, New York – a mentally unstable creeper. This reject is not looking for love.

Caliberhitter is Felix Pantaleon, Jr. of Washington Heights’s latest long-time bachelor is a cyber-stalking idiot internet troll reject named “Caliberhitter” – also known as Felix Pantaleon, Jr. He pretends to have a job, money, nice things and a good life as an online Truther. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has tried to make money with… only to get pwn’d on by those who stand up to his abuse. He has accused everyone under the sun of being a pedophile. Why Caliberhitter joined the dating website is anyone’s guess. It is believed by many that Pantaleon, Jr. is a closet homesexual. Just look at all these old pics circa 2010 on his profile from 2018! Who does Felix Pantaleon, Jr. think he’s fooling?

Who is Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA “Caliberhitter”?

Look up Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA Caliberhitter in a Google search. The first few pages of search engine results demonstrate enough bullying and cyber stalking to last a lifetime. It will cook your brain. He’s cooked his own brain. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is done and much of the undoing was made possible by the fool Pantaleon, Jr. himself. Breeze through some pages for a laugh! You’ll find website after website telling the public at large like it is. A great deal of the material online is a result of untreated schizophrenic behavior from Pantaleon, Jr.’s rage fits and the good Samaritans who document his downfall.

What is Pantaleon, Jr. expecting to find on

Any potential match with internet access can Google the name “Felix Pantaleon” and their results will be just about the same on all computers: a cyber bully with loads of enemies. Who will date and love Felix Pantaleon, Jr. for the bastard he is? The garbage Pantaleon, Jr. has polluted the webs with over the years by means of internet abuse is disgusting and unforgivable. Caliberhitter will be chasing imaginary unicorns for dates, or marrying prostitutes like his buddy Alex Jones did in 2017.

Take a good look at the fool. This is what Felix Pantaleon, Jr. really looks like… a try-hard idiot. You can see the mental illness in his eyes.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. likes baseball and watching sports!

What a loser. Seriously! What a dumb idiot this guy is. Pantaleon, Jr. could be using for SEO purposes or to get a few new followers. What a fucking nerd!!!

Caliberhitter AKA Felix Pantaleon, Jr. likes baseball

Pantaleon, Jr. SPAMS the internet with Sandy Hook parent’s name!

I decided to do a quick search for the Tinder dating app results with Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s AKA name “Caliberhitter” added to it and was shocked at the things I read on Google!

Pantaleon, Jr. has spent way too much time online, spamming and tricking search engines into thinking his website is being shared all over the webs. This explains why his website has been flagged by the Google as fraudulent. Can you imagine this guy all alone in a room for weeks… going here, there and everywhere to spam links to his website? What a freak! Who does this???

Pantaleon, Jr. was so angry with a Sandy Hook parent that he took to all sorts of message boards and websites to junk up the comment sections with links to his website. All this time and energy over an online beef he had with a person who made the news. He gets triggered when Sandy Hook makes headlines and Pantaleon, Jr. thinks it’s funny to insert himself into the mass tragedy narrative any way he can. shouldn’t have idiots like this on their site. Just image what Pantaleon, Jr. would do to a woman if she found out about his real lifestyle… and dumped him on his ass after a few text messages!

I doubt he’s meeting anyone in real life. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is a reject.

Caliberhitter AKA Felix Pantaleon, Jr. on
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA caliberhitter on dating website claims he is 1 out of a million, a popular podcaster and the Anti-Selfie! LOL!!!

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