Peter Anthony Simonetti of SIMONETTI SOURCE Claims Jon Heyman “SNOOPED Low” with Tweet

Twitter account with over 500K followers replies to New York Yankee fanatic with “lol” and may not hear the end of it.

Simonetti and Pantaleon, Jr. confront sports journalist over meaningless tweet, trolling him with YouTube videos and childish images!

Jon Heyman should be concerned at the recent attention he is receiving. Two New York Yankees fanatics have now latched themselves onto the sportswriter. Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are up to their old troll games, but maybe this time the pair of boo-birds messed with the wrong guy.

Jon Heyman vs. 2 Unverified NY Losers
FANCRED vs. BADCRED – verified Jon Heyman Twitter account targeted by two verified online trolls with zero street cred.

A tweet from Heyman is worth MOAR than two nerds from The Bronx

Just about a week ago, Simonetti (@SimonettiSource) along with his best friend Pantaleon (@NYYINSIDER), decided to gain some fame and followers on Twitter by taking on sports journalist Jon Heyman. The worst thing Heyman typed? Three letters…

“L-o-l” for “laugh out loud.” This set off a subway series of tweets from Simonetti. The little sewer rat enlisted the help of his long-time best pal Felix Pantaleon. With Pantaleon having Samonetti’s back, things got silly real quick. Why wouldn’t Peter Anthony Simonetti #Stopit with one or two tweets to Jon Heyman? How come The Simonetti Source didn’t stop it without tweeting at all? Why are these two trolls so defensive? All Heyman posted on Twitter was “LOL” and not much more than that.

Take a good look at this mess the pinhead duo created…

Twitter tweets from The Simonetti Source to sports journalist Jon Heyman.
Siciliano King aka Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source flies off the Twitter handle and likes Felix Pantaleon, Jr. supporting his manic behavior.

July 22nd, 2018 – @JonHeyman / @SimonettiSource / @NYYINSIDER Timeline:

12:30pm (est) – @SimonettiSource gets wind @JonHeyman has tweeted “Lol” on Twitter.

12:36pm – @SimonettiSource tweets back, “The great Jon Heyman is now responding to imposters of me! You can’t make this stuff up!

12:47pm – @SimonettiSource gets no response (maybe he forgot to tag Jon Heyman with the “@” symbol?), so he tries again… eleven minutes later. “I respect @JonHeyman, but tagging with trolls to try and discredit me is below you sir. Highly doubt other respectable reporters would do the same.”

1:00pm – @SimonettiSource continues to wait and sends out a third tweet, thirteen minutes after the second tweet to Jon Heyman, however, this time he refrains from “@” tagging Heyman. No need to tag, because Simonetti replies to Heyman replying to another account. Simonetti throws a curveball with an age insult. He tweets, “Jon you do understand you are 57 years old, right?”

*Remember: THIS is Peter Anthony Simonetti’s big break! During the exchange, Simonetti of The Simonetti Source records audio. The Simonetti Source is a seasoned music-man, understands the studio and microphones and sound levels… all that. Basically, the troll knows how to lay down clean audio and edit on the fly. A simple voice track is a snap for him. While Simonetti records the audio, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. adds Jon Heyman’s head to the body of a baby, or small toddler.

1:31pm – Only a half hour has passed since the last tweet from Simonetti and still nothing from Jon Heyman. The audio now has fancy visuals. “Jigga in the 90s” by Siciliano King (Simonetti) and Caliberhitter (Pantaleon, Jr.) was even added to the tail end of the seven minute rant… now tweeted out on Twitter. They title their garbage, “Why Jon Why?” with a YouTube link.

The Simonetti Source fans eat it up. Since Simonetti is a complete dork and will respond to everyone, Simonetti Source Twitter followers take his side, possibly because Simonetti seems more “approachable.”

Seven minutes in Heaven with a long-winded YouTube rant?

New York Yankees sports writer Jon Heyman TROLLED by Simonetti Source and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. aka NYYINSIDER & SimonettiSource on Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Photoshop of Jon Heyman with baby’s body by Felix Pantaleon, Jr. aka NYYINSIDER and troll head overlay placement by!

Jon Heyman had to have seen the video Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. put together for him. It all happened so fast, how could they get lost in the shuffle? And to save Jon Heyman from being SEO’d with his face on a child’s body, a troll head was placed over the image created by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Simonetti’s rant to Jon Heyman has to be one of the craziest things ever heard. Obviously, there was not time to think this through and Simonetti let it rip. His best buddy, Pantaleon, most likely sat back and laughed his lips off!

Fish-lips Felix… having a blast at everyone’s expense but his own. Know it.

“You’ll have a guy like Jon Heyman Snoop so low… to attack me with a troll of mine! To Snoop that low… Why?” – Anthony Simonetti (Simonetti Source)

1:34pm – Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source tweets and @-tags Jon Heyman. Simonetti may have had second thoughts. The timestamps show us only three short minutes have passed after he uploaded and shared the video from YouTube. @SimonettiSource tweets out, “Respect to you @JonHeyman. Don’t be fooled by the thumbnail, no disrespect. I appreciate the hard word you put into reporting. Don’t understand the push back, all is well.”

Jon Heyman clears up the Manny Machado rumors on Twitter... Lol!
Jon Heyman calls it on Twitter – Manny Machado to Los Angeles Dodgers!

Hey-man! Nice call on Machado, Heyman!

While Simonetti Source and NYYINSIDER make hours of rants for weeks about Manny Machado possibly wearing a New York Yankees uni at the 2018 Major League Baseball trade deadline, Jon Heyman was tweeting facts and real inside information on the baseball universe… from Twitter universe. Heyman continued to tweet out how the Los Angeles Dodgers were the front runners to acquire Machado before the 2018 MLB zero hour.

Equally important is to see Heyman’s tweets and how this began. Visit Jon Heyman on Twitter and see the calls for yourself: @JonHeyman on Twitter!

By the end of the day, Simonetti from The Simonetti Source was looking like a fool. Felix Pantaleon egged him on, no doubt about that. It makes no sense hearing Simonetti yucking it up with his YouTube audience about how he wants to get paid for his bogus predictions, yet this Siciliano “King” will pick a fight at the drop of an “Lol” on Twitter. Meanwhile, Pete Simonetti’s buddy, Felix Pantaleon, Jr.? That fool has nothing to lose and rides the coattails of Simonetti into the grave.

Why does Pantaleon need to mess with Simonetti in this “ride or die” bro-mance?

Because… I sent Jon Heyman the reasons. So far, there are fifteen good ones. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is an internet Hoaxer, terrorist, stalker, weak rapper, clown, creeper, massive projector of his mental illness, a death stalker and this list grows by the year. Pantaleon has been at it for far too long. He needs another body other than his own. Peter Anthony Simonetti cannot get away from the insanity.

And if you can’t beat ’em… troll with ’em.

Making Jon Heyman aware of his trolls via Facebook.
DangerMags alerts sports writer Jon Heyman about Simonetti Source and NYYINSIDER.

Jon Heyman is a journalist and a real person. Sometimes idiots like Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. forget the human element, perhaps? The truth is, one or two replies on Twitter by Heyman caused manic tweets and gossip and YouTube videos and baby graphics and all sorts of dumb trouble for and from Simonetti. He wants to work in some type of field, talking about the New York Yankees… talking about baseball… talking about fitness and Herbalife… talking about music from his other personality, Siciliano King.

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Well, Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are trolls. They got caught in the heat of the moment with and later tried to play it off as if trolling a public figure is normal.

“So you may have seen the title of this… YouTube video and also the thumbnail to the YouTube video about, uh… jon heyman. first of all, i would like to say, ‘in no way in no means am i looking to troll Jon Heyman. I don’t do those things.” – Simonetti Source (YouTUbe/Twitter troll)

Friggin’ idiots those two clowns are, are they not? Always scamming, always trolling.

Jon Heyman gets it right
Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) to Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (@NYYINSIDER) on Twitter – “No” re: Bryce Harper trade.

“LOL” @ Jon Heyman. Great stuff. Today, Bryce Harper continues to play hard for the Washington Nationals. Harper was not traded this year… Lol!!!

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