NYYNEWS YouTuber GOES OFF on MLB for WICKED FUNNY Social Media Posts

Why is Felix Pantaleon, Jr. so sensitive about the Statue of Liberty wearing a Red Sox jersey?

Major League Baseball has a little fun and gives New York Yankees fan something MONUMENTAL to cry about.

Start spreading the news. MLB Instagram and Twitter posts with the Statue of Liberty donning a Boston Red Sox jersey have poured salt on the wounds of a salty troll… Felix Pantaleon, Jr. of NYYNEWS and NYYINSIDER. Lady Liberty in a rival team’s uniform was a great post by Major League Baseball. Immediately after a season ending loss to the Sox, the Yankees fanatic got so triggered! Delicious rage on Pantaleon, Jr.’s YouTube Channel resulted in a five minute long rant with everything from unprofessional trolls hating New York to how the Statue represents freedom and not New York.

NYYNEWS.com - an IP phishing website by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. attempts to feel better… by LYING like a dog!

How can Felix Pantaleon, Jr. from NYYNEWS dot com claim the Statue of Liberty doesn’t represent New York? Lady Liberty is one of the first images that will come to anyone’s mind when thinking about New York! Nobody thinks about the sewers, subways, roasted peanut vendors, or even the Yankees.

Quick. Name one image that comes to mind when you think of New York, besides airplanes hitting the World Trade Center. Something nice and positive.

“Oh, that’s extremely easy,” says everyone. “The Statue of Liberty!!!”

Put that question on The Family Feud game show and it will be the #1 answer next to King Kong climbing the Empire State Building, yellow taxi cabs, rats the size of dogs, cops on horses and a gigantic Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. Does Pantaleon, Jr. think people are as stupid as he is? Who is dumb enough to say such a thing like “Lady Liberty represents America and Freedom, not New York!” Give us a break. To make things even more wicked retarded, the salty Yankees fan has the Statue of Liberty at the top of his IP phishing website. Does this make sense? He has Gary “Get in the Fuckin’ Box” Sanchez on one side of the page and the Statue of Liberty on the other.

“First of all… The statue of liberty? Lady Liberty? Does not really represent New York, as… let’s say ‘Oh, that’s something that represents New York as a whole?’ But really, it represents a bigger picture of freedom in America.” – Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Lady Liberty - a Red Sox fan
The Statue of Liberty wearing a Red Sox jersey – posted to social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram after Boston won the ALDS against the New York Yankees. MLB captioned the photo “If you can make it here…”

MLB social media

Major League Baseball has been doing great things on social media. Everything from original artwork, video clips, behind the scenes footage, reposting of fans and athletes alike… they are even finding new and interesting ways to stick in advertising. Baseball social media is fun, funny, informative, clever, up-to-date and fresh. MLB has got it going on.

The rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees alone was covered perfectly. Whoever, whatever “team” they hired to run social media for Major League Baseball are major leaguers. Hats off to this old sports organization for the way they embrace new-age online interaction.

Is Felix Pantaleon from NYYNEWS and NYYINSIDER a closet Red Sox fan?

It was great to see the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry play out in 2018. Watching the games on television, following the action through social media… how lucky were we all to have an ALDS matchup like this? And after so many years of waiting! Even Felix Pantaleon, Jr. was tweeting out “We want Boston!”

Yes, the series lived up to the hype. History was made. As fans of baseball, who could ask for anything more? It’s too bad a salty egghead from Washington Heights, New York wants to constantly rain on everyone’s parade. Just keep in mind: this was the year NYYNEWS/NYYINSIDER aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and pal Peter Anthony Simonetti (The Simonetti Source) went full-blown social media. They tried as best as they could. They wanted so bad for New York to come out on top and win it all in a World Series Showdown. They had YouTube accounts, Twitter, Instagram, websites.

Gosh. What a waste of everyone’s time! All they did over at NYYNEWS and The Simonetti Source was bitch about how Yankees needed bats, Yankees needed starting pitching, Yankees need new managers, Yankees got some great hitters, pitchers can out duel Boston, Aaron Boone is keeping the team together, be proud of a 100 win season. They bragged about their predictions and didn’t want to hear about how the Red Sox were a better team.

And now? Now they are mad about the ALDS, especially Pantaleon, Jr.!

It’s either pure jealousy for MLB’s social media skills… or Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is a closet Boston Red Sox fan!

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. - closet Red Sox fan!
Not only is Felix Pantaleon, Jr. a closet homosexual… he is a boner-fried closet Red Sox fan!!!

You mad, bro?

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