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Boston Red Sox GO THE DISTANCE in 2018 FALL CLASSIC to become Major League Baseball WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!

Another World Series Title for the Red Sox as Boston defeats New York, Houston and Los Angeles in one amazing DREAM SEASON.

108 regular season wins to secure an American League East first place finish. 3 out of 5 games won against rival team New York Yankees. In a best of seven series, Major League Baseball’s 2017 championship club Houston Astros were dethroned. Fianlly, the Los Angeles Dodgers lost their second straight World Series appearance at home, making the Boston Red Sox winners of the 2018 Fall Classic. I was there…

2018 World Series - I WAS THERE
2018 World Series – I WAS THERE – Official Major League Baseball Fall Classic Pin. (courtesy of DAMGR8 Instagram)



I was there for the longest game in Major League Baseball history, both regular season and World Series play. 18 innings of a low-scoring pitcher’s duel, ending with one amazing walk off home run by Los Angeles Dodgers. I was there, cheering on those Boys in Blue. I was pulling for a home team win because I’m a fan of both teams (Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox). I could appreciate the story lines and connections between these two big market clubs and I’m a fan of Major League Baseball.

“Well, we now have ourselves a series”Felix Pantaleon, Jr. @_NYYNEWS

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. was also there via Twitter. The internet troll who goes by @_NYYNEWS and @NYYINSIDER watched on his television set with great anticipation of a Boston Red Sox World Series collapse. Pantaleon, Jr. was there every step of the way from his parent’s apartment in Washington Heights, New York… trying to stir up his small following because he knew the Dodgers were my National League team and I’m from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Boston vs. Los Angeles – there is no doubt in my mind that 2018 was a nightmare year of baseball for Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Pantaleon, Jr.’s partner, Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source refused to watch one pitch of the 2018 World Series, referring to the match up between Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers as a “Little League World Series.” And during the end of October, these clowns who tout themselves as “insiders,” “experts,” “know-it-alls,” etc. were absolutely uninterested in studying potential players who would become free agents in the off-season. Is that right?

Wow. You mean to tell me, two trolls who claim to be fans of the game and fans of Major League Baseball… they’re trying to convince others how this particular World Series had absolutely no historical significance? They’re both rage tweeting about no interest in postseason baseball at all?

Sour grapes. Just because the New York Yankees didn’t advance past the ALDS? That’s classic! Pantaleon, Jr. and The Simonetti Source needed to pretend how they tuned out baseaball for the end of October. Simonetti had opinions on Houston against Boston and Milwaukee battling it out with Los Angeles, but the World Series? Not interested?


Hahahahaha!!! Give us a break. Please… please. #StopIt – you’re full of shit. Stop it.



I was there when Boston Red Sox did damage in Los Angeles to become 2018 World Series Champions. David Price had a history of postseason struggles, but on this particular night, Price threw a gem of a game. He allowed a first inning lead-off home run and only two hits after that. Fight Club Joe Kelly relieved Boston’s ace starting pitcher in the 8th and Chris Sale closed the door for the final inning.

I was there!!!

Boston Red Sox celebrate 2018 World Series!
The Boston Red Sox celebrate a World Series victory in 2018 at Dodger Stadium.



Two trolls who will be forever mad: Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti. How fitting is it, the year these two failures created Twitter accounts was the year Boston Red Sox won a World Series Championship?

NYYnews and Simonetti Source create accounts in 2018!
2018 – Year of Boston Red Sox World Series Championship! LOL!!!

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti FAIL!!!

They thought it would be a New York Yankees dream season. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti were confident no other team could compete with the Bronx Bombers. Pantaleon, Jr. of NYYnews and Simonetti of The Simonetti Source opened up two fresh Twitters in 2018 to celebrate their one and only favorite team’s year.

They were wrong.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. mainly uses an old Twitter handle from 2011, but his spamming tweets sent out from a nefarious IP trapping website are linked up to his 2018 account, @NYYINSIDER – which posts out New York Yankees news daily.

And Simonetti? That idiot was coaxed into making @SimonettiSource by Pantaleon, Jr. at the start of 2018. These two fail trolls will be running around with two New York Yankee Twitters created in 2018, the year Boston won it all! How funny is that!?!?!?

Amaze-ballz!!! Sorry ’bout yer luck… #YankeesSuck

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