Yankees TROLLS EXPOSED – Simonetti & Pantaleon, Jr.


Double-Header: Two Gamers BUSTED for IP Traps and GUILTY of Digital Harassment

Twitter Accounts @SimonettiSource & @NYYINSIDER Indirectly FUNDED by New York Yankees, Major League Baseball

Peter Anthony Simonetti pulls in cash with MONETIZED YouTube Channel while Felix Pantaleon, Jr. earns money through advertisements on dot com Yankees news site

It has finally been confirmed. Two-hitter teammates from 22Caliberhitters had cooked up a scheme for themselves and the New York Yankees to drive in clicks by gaming the system. You would think a billion dollar Empire, such as the Yankees, would not need to recruit the likes of Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti to do their dirty work. Maybe the Yankees didn’t technically “recruit” the pair of sluggers? However, all players involved now earn money every single time unsuspecting visitors head to NYYNEWS.com for New York Yankees news.

NYYnews.com - an IP trapping site by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.
A number of reasons why you should NEVER visit the nyynews.com website, created by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

By the Numbers – take them OUT of the ball-game

Major League Baseball needs to step up to the plate and go to bat for their fans. It is well documented: Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is a cyber terrorist with a bad history of targeted harassment and bullying. Pantaleon, Jr. has always been this way, since he first fired up a computer. Pantaleon, Jr. has always had dreams of being the worst of the worst when it comes to cyber bullying and electronic harassment.

When he is caught committing the crimes, Pantaleon, Jr. will laugh and tell you to prove it in a court of law. This can be very frustrating for the average person. Courts cost money. To prove digital harassment would take an investigator (who is tech-savvy) or an investigative team willing to pull all the metadata necessary from Pantaleon, Jr.’s personal possessions.

So here we go…

By the Numbers – #1 (YouTube auto-play)

As soon as a user clicks into NYYNEWS.com, embedded YouTube videos from the official New York Yankees organization begin to play. Embedded vids helps the Yankees club earn money on their monetized YouTube Channel, which run ads. In a sense, Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s website helps bring money into the Yankees organization.

New York Yankees Official YouTube Channel with Ads
Before watching many videos on YouTube, an advertisement will play. Users may skip past advertising after a portion of the ad runs. NYYNEWS.com uses an embedded YouTube playlist from the New York Yankees and set the videos to “autoplay” so official Yankees vidoes are the very first thing seen and heard when visiting this IP trapping site.

Both Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti also have monetized YouTube Channels. Why wouldn’t NYYNEWS.com link to their own content on YouTube? You might think it’s just plain laziness on their part. By embedding a code from YouTube’s Official New York Yankees Channel, the New York Yankees will do all the backend work and constantly update their own playlist. Pantaleon, Jr. placed one link on the backend for a widget and doesn’t have to do anything further.

But this could be more than just plain laziness on the part of Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti. A video playlist from the official New York Yankees YouTube Channel will keep visitors glued to a website more than a Simonetti Source video rant or Pantaleon, Jr.’s YouTube content ever could. Website traffic on the NYYNEWS.com ensures that their audience will be more entertained, while money rolls in from LiveIntent advertising revenue.

By the Numbers – #2 (LiveIntent news feed)

Another eye-catching widget Pantaleon’s website features is a news widget from LiveIntent. This scrolling news feed taken from Major League Baseball is a pretty good idea to keep traffic to your website on the main page. The biggest concern is that MLB.com does not link out to bogus ads. Their advertising is directly tied to Major League Baseball. With the LiveIntent news feed, you cannot be sure what you are looking at or potentially clicking on.

Pantaleon's NYYNEWS.com links to MLB news feed
Felix Pantaleon’s website links to MLB.com, their writers and their stories by using LiveIntent feed. LiveIntent runs unrelated Major League Baseball ads inside the feed.

And while you may not think this is a very “big deal” to run these type of ads, there is the major difference between what Major League Baseball advertises at MLB.com and what Pantaleon, Jr. has displayed on the NYYNEWS.com feed. LiveIntent does not screen their ads.

By the Numbers – #3 (LiveIntent advertising)

LiveIntent does not filter advertising the way Major League Baseball can. The LiveIntent news scrolling feature on NYYNEWS.com is completely different than the MLB.com/NEWS scroll. Above the same exact article from an official Major League Baseball news feed, NYYNEWS.com shows an ad for High Times TV while MLB.com displays a link to MasterCard. Major League Baseball does not currently support the sale or use of cannabis and LiveIntent is currently not supporting MasterCard.

NYYnews.com from Pantaleon vs. MLB.com from Major League Baseball
NYYNEWS.com uses advertising from LiveIntent with an ad placed by High Times. MLB.com uses advertising from Google Adsense with an ad placed by MasterCard. MasterCard is a verified partner of Major League Baseball.

By the Numbers – #4 (Unauthorized Monetary Gains)

Taking all these facts into account (By the Numbers #1, #2 and #3) and consideration, it is fair to question whether or not Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and partner Simonetti are in the game for news and insider information at all. After all, who claims to be a New York Yankees fan when the New York Yankees official YouTube is way down on their list?

Pantaleon and Simonetti - fake fans.
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (NYYNEWS) and Peter Anthony Simonetti (Simonetti Source) are all about the self promotion while touting themselves as Yankees “insiders” online.

Of course anyone has the right to make money off YouTube videos. These Channels, however, are identical twin killing machines. Pantaleon, Jr. and Simonetti are only about self-promotion first, trolling and harassment comes in at a close second and maybe Yankees baseball is third… for Peter Anthony Simonetti, he’s got them in the number 5 spot!

Why even bother trying to stop so-called fans like Pantaleon, Jr. and Simonetti? Are these two so “bad” that they need their NYY club memberships pulled?

Yes, network. Yes. Now that we have established the two insiders suckling from teets of both the New York Yankees organization and Major League Baseball, we need to understand exactly what they do with their money.

Cyber bullying, cyber terrorism and pure intimidation

The rag-tag team known as 22Caliberhitters are funded by the New York Yankees, whether the Yanks want to believe this or not. NYYnews.com is a nefarious website that uses NY Yankee logos, photographs, news feeds from Major League Baseball, links, etc. Simonetti pushes Pantaleon, Jr.’s Channel and Twitter while Pantaleon, Jr. pushes hard for people to visit the main site, or web page.

Remember – Felix Pantaleon, Jr. does not make money off his YouTube Channel… Simonetti does. Simonetti does not make money off the website… Pantaleon, Jr. does. Both cyber-goobers have “cash ap” links to pay them privately. Both cyber-nerds make music together as 22Caliberhitters.

If the New York Yankees organization will not do anything, if Major League Baseball will not do anything, it is up to the YouTube Community to protect themselves from their targeted hate and harassment. Please follow these steps to the letter:

    (good or bad… don’t do it)

Pantaleon, Jr. and Simonetti have targeted athletes, sports broadcasters, journalists and writers from all Major League Baseball organizations… including fans. DO NOT put yourself on their radar.

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First and foremost – DO NOT VISIT NYYNEWS.com website!

In this day and age, we need to be more aware of the difference between “http” and “https” sites. NYYNEWS.com does not use https to make internet browsers information secure. You can certainly access the site by simply typing http://www.nyynews.com – you will see a normal looking webpage. Now, type this:


You should get a blank screen, WARNING you the website is not a secure site and your information may be at risk.

http vs. https - DO NOT VISIT Pantaleon's site NYYNEWS.com!
HTTP VS HTTPS. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. It means all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted. NYYNEWS.com is not a secure site to visit.

And for those who think Felix Pantaleon, Jr. does not hack or is not a hacker? Trust that he is. Pantaleon, Jr. may not be a “leet” hax0r, but take it from countless people who have fallen prey and victim to this Washington Heights, New York cyber bully. When it comes to Felix Pantaleon, Jr., your information is always at risk.

“So anyways, I built this backdoor and it gave me your social media accounts and your big, fat faces. Okay? so literally… I got your I.P., I.S.P., machine specs, your social media accounts… everything. You idiots fell for a trap.”Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (Washington Heights, NY)

Pantaleon, Jr. takes great pride in being the biggest cyber bully… cyber terrorist online. And the money he makes from Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees, etc. only assists Pantaleon with being able to buy new tools and come up with new ideas to “hack” his way into other people’s lives.

Here is a number of screenshots put together where Felix Pantaleon, Jr. did not like what was being writing about him, in regards to his cyber bullying. Pantaleon, Jr. spam texted a cellphone with his electronic harassment program for fifteen minutes while the New York Yankees took on the Texas Rangers.

Pantaleon's Cyber AT&Tack
Over 250 text messages from Felix Pantaleon, Jr. poured into a cellphone between the hours of 4:02pm and 4:17pm, when he should have been watching the New York Yankees take on the Texas Rangers – August 9th, 2018.

After the crimes were posted on social media sites, Pantaleon, Jr. did exactly what he always does: laughed about the harassment and denied any involvement by using a sockpuppet account to cover his tracks, placing blame on the individual instead of owning up to what he is: a cyber bully, cyber terrorist, cyber stalker, cyber criminal.

Over 250 text messages denied by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. from his sockpuppet account (Montadoug) digitally laughs after digital harassment. Pantaleon, Jr. began spam texting over 250 messages to “get even” for writing about him to the New York Yankees on Facebook.
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