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Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti: two trolls who fail at life online and beyond the internet…

NYYINSIDER and The Simonetti Source cannot compete as they get REKT in 2018!!!

We say “goodbye” to another baseball season once again. In 2018, two powerhouse clubs went balls out to win a World Series Championship title. Many fans witnessed a team of two fail trolls who attempted to make their own move into the spotlight with lame social media campaigns. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti imagined their cheap-ass YouTube videos, petty Twitter trolling accounts and e-begging cash app platforms taking off into cyberspace history. They thought they could ride the coattails of their beloved New York Yankees. Too bad all that nonsense was counteracted by and the 2018 World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Welcome to RED SOX NATION - pay your trolls!

Pantaleon, Jr. & Simonetti in 2018


Joining Twitter in 2018 - the Year of Boston's DREAM SEASON!

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti had a dream: create YouTube Channels, Twitter accounts and buzz about New York Yankees winning all the way into another World Series. It looked good on paper. This was supposed to be their year. Fuck all the other teams. Anyone who had anything negative to say about “Pinstripe Pride” would be trolled in comments and Yankee dominance would not be denied this time. 2018 was going to be the year of big-time Bronx Bombers.

These two fail trolls FAILED. Their Twitter accounts alone are permanently tattooed with digital dates of 2018… fail, fail, fail.

Simonetti FAIL TROLLS Major League Sports Writer

New York Yankees sports writer Jon Heyman TROLLED by Simonetti Source and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. aka NYYINSIDER & SimonettiSource on Twitter, YouTube, etc.
Peter Anthony Simonetti FAIL TROLLS Jon Heyman. Artwork by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Midway through the 2018 Major League Baseball season, Peter Anthony Simonetti received a tweet from sports writer Jon Heyman on his Simonetti Source Twitter account. It didn’t take very long for Simonetti to seize upon this opportunity. Simonetti rage tweeted back at Heyman and desperately tried to make a name for himself, attempting to convince his Simonetti Source followers on Twitter he was important enough to be trolled by an MLB analyst. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. created the usual baby body graphic with a Jon Heyman head. The fail trolls, still to this day, take shots at Heyman any chance they get.

Pantaleon, Jr. FAIL TROLLS a Sandy Hook parent on Google+

Felix Pantaleon aka Caliberhitter from NNNyc's Truther Wars!
R.I.P., Truther Wars… the GANG STALKING Google+ Community is finally gone thanks to 2018.

The fail trolls in Truther Wars were led by Felix Pantaleon, Jr. – owner and moderator of a nasty Google+ Community. Pantaleon, Jr. used multiple sock accounts and held on to this corner of the internet for years. He used the G+ Comm. to viciously attack a Sandy Hook parent who lost his child in the 2012 tragedy. Posts and the Community itself were always flagged for threats, hate speech, disclosing personal information, libel, slander, ignoring Google’s terms of service, etc. Somehow… some way, Google finally stepped in and deleted the Truther Wars Community for good along with a number of Pantaleon, Jr.’s sock puppet accounts. Everything went down just before the 2018 MLB Playoffs.

HASHTAG: #StopIt – stop the FAIL TROLLS!

Simonetti Source - #StopIt
Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source uses anit-bullying hashtag #StopIt – via

Who takes an anti-bullying hashtag like #StopIt and tries to capitalize off it?

Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source does, that’s who. The creeper makes coffee mugs, T-shirts, tanktops, sweatshirts… he thought he had something here with “stop it” and marketed his stupidity like a broke-ass nerd with no creativity. Simonetti had the artwork farmed out to a starving artist in India to save money. Talk about sinking to a new low! Not only being mega-cheap with his logo, Simonetti hijacked the #StopIt hashtag and continues to use everything like it’s a genius money maker.


Simonetti Source LIVE CHATS

Minor League Baseball Minors
Breakdown of The Simonetti Source’s Minor League mishaps, domestic issues and rap album delay.

How funny was it when Simonetti Source began to recall the glory days of New York. He mentioned the Yankees last title from 2009. A few people in Simonetti’s LIVE chat threw out their ages to let him know how old they were in 2009. One account was three years old in 2009. Another account let Simonetti know he had been six. Peter Anthony Simonetti looked shocked because reality started to set in – much of the Simonetti Source YouTube subscribers were underage!

Also in the LIVE chat, Simonetti’s audio had background noise and many people started asking if it was a vacuum cleaner. His wife/girlfriend got called out for always cleaning, vacuuming, cooking… because she was a Dominican woman. Peter Anthony Simonetti called her a cunt and had laughs with his underage audience.

The best part: Simonetti’s rap album Sunday Dinner was put on hold until 2019, after months of hyping the jam for 2018.

FAIL TROLLS fail to recognize their STAR athlete spent a Summer in Massachusetts!

Cape Cod Basebal League
FAIL TROLLS get REKT by Aaron Judge who wore a Red Sox shirt one summer in Cape Cod Baseball League.

Timing is everything and the timing of this one couldn’t have been more perfect! After years of Boston Red Sox fans posting photos of New York Yankee slugger Aaron Judge sporting a Red Sox T-shirt, Peter Anthony Simonetti tweeted out how it was probably fake and Boston fan base wished it were a reality. Within a few short minutes, sports writer Brian Hoch corrected him. Judge had announced that very same day as to “why” he had worn the Tee… because he played for the Brewster Whitecaps on Cape Cod, Massachusetts… lived with a nice family and the photo was indeed real.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. tries to make a stink about statue wearing Red Sox gear.

Lady Liberty - GO RED SOX!
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. whines about cartoon pictures wearing Red Sox uniforms… too hard for New York Yankees fans.

Major League Baseball tweets and posts to Instagram. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. goes bananas. How can MLB troll the New York Yankees with such filth!? The Statue of Liberty doesn’t represent New York! It represents FREEDOM!!!

What a failure of a fail troll. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is one of the worst fail trolls to ever grace the world wide web and he can’t handle Boston defeating New York, so he is ready to lash out at anyone and anything. Some of the funniest and most hypocritical trash talking from a New York Yankee fan and stalker of dead people ever witnessed. Yes, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. stalks dead people – dead celebrities, dead children and cannot cope with the loss of his team’s lack luster season.

Pantaleon, Jr. and Simonetti post similar rants about not winning anymore!

NYYnews - NYY News: main cover photo for New York Yankees Troll BUSTER site - Felix Pantaleon, Jr. & Peter Anthony Simonetti aka NYYINSIDER & The Official Simonetti Source - Caliberhitter & Siciliano King

Fail trolls Pantaleon, Jr. and Simonetti totally talked about this one in private and thought they had something here. “It’s been almost 20 years! Twenty years of the greatest and most powerful sports franchise is just not winning anymore!”

Suffer, fail trolls. Support your team like a fan and #StopIt with the “expert/insider” nonsense. You’ll be happier. The New York Yankee fan base will like you more. New York Yankees players and coaches like positive people because they get enough crap from the regular news outlets. You two fail trolls are the laughing stock of Major League Baseball.

2018 Fail Trolls – NIGHTMARE of a WORLD SERIES!

Boston Red Sox - 2018 World Series Champions
The ULTIMATE in AWESOMENESS! Red Sox WIN and troll the fail trolls in New York.

Wicked awesome! Boston Red Sox win the 2018 World Series and now can say they are Champions for an entire year. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti are so bummed! How sad they must be, honestly!!! It must really drive these fail trolls crazy, right!? Creating YouTube accounts, jumping through all these hoops, putting time and energy into a season… a season we all witnessed the Boston Red Sox make history, play in the longest game, dethrone the previous season’s champs and wrap up their dream season in the City of Angeles.

Fail trolls stay failing.

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