Playing Troll Games and DISGUSTING REMARKS About Sandy Hook Families YEARS AFTER the Fact

What type of OBSESSED LOSER would target people IN THE NEWS just to make a name for themselves?

Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones Jr. (born April 24, 1972) is a former Major League Baseball player. Jones is now in the Hall of Fame for being drafted by the Atlanta Braves organization as a number one overall pick in the 1990 MLB draft and their primary third baseman from 1995 to 2012 (with the exception of 2002-2003 when he primarily played left field). An eight-time Major League All-Star, Jones won the 1999 National League Most Valuable Player Award and the 1999 and the 2000 NL Silver Slugger Award for third basemen. Chipper Jones was also a batting champion in 2008 – this according to Wikipedia… not to Sandy Hook families.

Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves) Twitter realcj10

Chipper Jones out of left field AGAIN? Not exactly…

Why did Hall of Fame legend Chipper Jones change positions to announce his disgust for Sandy Hook families in 2015? And why would the former Atlanta Braves All-Star great do something so UN-Brave… so terrible, as to land himself in the Sandy Hook Hall of Shame?

Speaking from experience (and from the heart), Chipper Jones is in no way at fault believing in conspiracies like Sandy Hook. Everyone needs to remember, Sandy Hook hoaxing hit heights of popularity in the 2014/2015 season. Fake news, fake accounts and online fakery were at a serious All-Star seriies, all-time high when Chipper made his comment in a tweet back on February 6th, 2015.

Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves) Twitter realcj10
Within a day, the comment was at short-stop. Chipper Jones knocked it out of the park with a balls-out series of heartfelt tweets to clear the bases and set the record straight.

Chipper Jones took it on the chin that day. The public’s reaction was not too kind to him though. Pantaleon, Jr. and Simonetti loved this happening to a Hall of Fame baseball star. The infamous tweet is another feather in their hoaxing Yankees baseball caps.

Atlanta Dynasty… or Die-nasty?

In a recent interview, Chipper Jones let it be known he does have a small chip on his shoulder from the 1996 World Series. Jones calls out the New York Yankees as the second best team that year. It’s no conspiracy. The Atlanta braves were the better team, who lost in six games to the New York Yankees. Atlanta was much better at hitting, pitching, fielding, etc. and could have been a dynasty, winning back-to-back World Series titles.
Be that as it may, New York Yankees bested the Atlanta Braves in 1996. And about twenty years later, gangs of organized trolls smacked his Twitter account with hate, some being those who actually lost loved ones at Sandy Hook. Jones got lucky. He had enough friends and family to help him through the error. Many folks do not have this type of support system.

“My apologies for the Sandy Hook tweet yest. I had heard something from someone which I thought to be credible and tweeted w/out researching.”Chipper Jones (Atlanta Braves Hall of Famer)

Jones is that rare athlete who played his entire career with one baseball club… the Atlanta Braves, formally Boston Braves. The Atlanta Braves are a proud club with rich history. You can bet Chipper had to answer to the organization, possibly sponsors. He was absolutely put under the microscope, being only a few years removed from his many seasons as the face of the Atlanta Braves team.

Another “Jones” in the “News”

At this point, Larry Wayne “Chipper” Jones Jr. will be referred to as “Jones, Jr.” and the reason for this is not a knock. The reason is because there is another public figure with the same last name “Jones” who does have support from a large number of Twitter followers and sockpuppet accounts – Alex Jones.

What is a “sockpuppet” account?

A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.

RAD SOX - Yankees Suck It!!!
The RAD SOX – Divisional Leaders: Meet the Sockpuppets from YouTube with videos dedicated to EXPOSING Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

There are countless sockpuppet Channels on YouTube with videos (old and new) featuring Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s nonsense. Part of the reason for this is because Pantaleon, Jr. supports Sandy Hook Hoaxer extraordinaire Alex Jones. The other reason is because Felix Pantaleon, Jr. sucks about as much as the New York Yankees from their 2001 season.

Who else remembers 9/11? Felix Pantaleon should. 9/11 happened the year planes hit his home city of New York and Jones (Alex Jones) pushes how 9/11 was an inside job. In any case, the New York Yankees could not do what the Boston Red Sox did after a tragedy happened in their city: WIN THE TITLE. The New York Yankees blew it, on the other hand…

David Ortiz, who was returning from an injury that day, grabbed a mic as he walked onto the field at Fenway Park amid thousands of home team fans and millions who would watch Big Papi declare once and for all…

“This is our fuckin’ city!”

Pantaleon, Jr. slides headfirst into home for Jones and gets wicked dirty

While most people may simply watch an Alex Jones video… only, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has taken it upon himself to “act” as the InfoWARS personal bodyguard.

For years, Pantaleon, Jr. went against anyone who may have left a little comment. These were of course appreciated as Jones built his YouTube following. But when Jones never offered Pantaleon, Jr. a starting position, the young rookie began a campaign of hate launched at both the home and visiting team players. With accounts created against Jones, the biggest sockpuppet account being ALEXJONESISBILLHICKS, Pantaleon, Jr. has shot himself in the cleats.

Lenny Pozner deals with rival teams - home and away - rivals coming together
Click this photo to hear Alex Jones speak out against the Sandy Hook tragedy. (via YouTube)

It is said that Felix Pantaleon, Jr. will troll everyone and everything… even his own mother. Alex Jones occasionally will go on air and mention how “mentally ill people with schizophrenia” troll the #1 conspiracy leader and his YouTube Channel, but it does not help. Pantaleon, Jr. copies the video and is extremely proud to be mentioned by his Hoaxer coach.

In 2013/2014, when Jones began to heavily push how the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a total and complete hoax, that was all Pantaleon needed to hear. The troll Jones had labeled as “mentally ill” got a hold of a Sandy Hook parent and offered his troll services to stalk and harass those who spoke out the loudest on Sandy Hook being a government operation.

Double agent – Felix Pantaleon

There was never any intention of assisting parents from Sandy Hook, Connecticut. In fact, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. rang up one of the more approachable parents from Sandy Hook, Lenny Pozner. Pozner made his number available to anyone seeking information about his son, in hopes to squash the hoaxes being perpetrated by many sockpuppets and idiots on YouTube, the main player being Alex Jones and InfoWARS. This is where Pantaleon, Jr. changed teams again.

Pantaleon, Jr. must have thought his “insider info” on Pozner would get him back into the good graces with Jones and crew. Instead, Alex Jones began to backtrack on his stance of Sandy Hook, yet not completely. If Jones came out and told his audience about the pressures of being a Hoaxer, he would be labeled as a “shill” and lose much of his audience. YouTube was paying the bills.

Chance Adams of the New York Yankees gets trolled right out the gate.
@SimonettiSource and @NYYINSIDER aka Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. troll players on their own team because they have no loyalty to anything.

Pantaleon, Jr. drafted his longtime troll buddy and best friend, Peter Anthony Simonetti, who has made an even bigger mess of things. Simonetti reciprocated the troll job he had with Pantaleon, Jr. Not only do these fools troll parents of Sandy Hook victims, they make music about their targets. And not only is the sucky music harming the parents of Sandy Hook victims, these two wannabe entertainers have started to mess with Major League Baseball teams, sportscasters, sports journalists and baseball fans.

Lol at this, looks more like Chuckie (sic)” – @NYYINSIDER (Felix Pantaleon, Jr.)

Red Sox fans will tell a player from the New York Yankees, “YOU SUCK!” and what can a player do? A player can get less “sucky” or ignore it because the “you suck” insult has been going on for quite some time now. Insulting someone’s appearance during their very first appearance in the Major Leagues is… very little concerning. Is it jealousy? No, not quite. These two fail trolls wish to be famous for being mean.

Siciliano King is Peter Anthony Simonetti aka Simonetti Source

Peter Anthony Simonetti aka Siciliano King targeting and harassing a parent from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy.

People like this are the reason why Chipper Jones acted like Alex Jones. Fuck the Hoaxers.
Insulting people from Sandy Hook? This is going beyond mean. This is the demonic curse the Boston Red Sox got rid of. Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are two of the most fucked up demonic pieces of shit to ever come out of New York.
Fuck both of these fake-ass New York Yankees fans. They’re not fans of anything except hate. Fuck them both where it hurts.

Felix Pantaleon poses as a tough guy named Caliberhitter and pretends to support Sandy Hook families
Felix Pantaleon has many sockpuppet accounts. This Channel is named “Caliberhitter” (he cannot own guns) and is littered with what he refers to as “Hollywood Death Fakers” while mixing in a video showing support for Sandy Hook Promise.


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