“Teammates” of NYY News (NYYnews) Target MLB Fans!

Two BULLIES @ NYYnews Playing Major League Level Games Online

Anthony Simonetti (Simonetti Source) and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (Caliberhitter of Truther Wars) Create BIG PROBLEMS for Baseball Fans with NYY News Website

NYYnews - NYY News - New York Yankess - Yankee Fans! (parody icon)The New York Yankees. There is no gray area when it comes to Yankee fanatics. Major League Baseball fans love them, fans hate them… some MLB fans even love to hate them. So it makes perfect sense for Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Anthony Simonetti to team up and form NYY News – a troll-bait scheme used to target anyone routing for opposing ball clubs and club players.

Will NYYnews #StopIt before it’s too late? Will NYY News stop it for the sake of New York Yankees fans?

Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. EXPOSED as troll rappers of 5 Tool Players!
NYYnews creators Anthony Simonetti (The Official Simonetti Source) and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (NYYINSIDER) EXPOSED as ZERO Tool Players with no skills.

Peter “Pete” Simonetti (Anthony Simonetti, Siciliano King, Simonetti_FitCouple, The Official Simonetti Source) makes up one-half of 5 Tool Players. Simonetti has been a long-time friend/associate and business partner with Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (Caliberhitter, 22Caliberhitters, NYYINSIDER), owner/operator of Truther Wars aka the other half of 5TP. Now the pair of cyber-trolls has formed NYYnews. NYY News is a New York Yankees news site dedicated to their love of the New York Yankees Major League Baseball team.

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5 Tool Players and “WHY” Simonetti and Pantaleon have ZERO tools

In baseball, five tool players are athletes who can do it all at the highest levels. These Major League greats knock pitchers around for high batting averages or percentages, while at the same time, hit the ball with power. They run the bases well, possess strong arms for throwing and field with no to few errors. A 5 tool player is a rare player indeed. This generally leads the athlete to greater opportunities than most, commanding top salaries to play for the bigger teams in baseball. Five tool players create buzz, almost always paving a path to Cooperstown.

5 Tool Players Analyzer - YOU SUCK Felix Pantaleon, Jr. & Anthony Simonetti
Check out www.SocialMediasMostWanted.com for more troll analyzing!

The 5 Tool Player chart illustrates the importance of offensive and defensive skill sets. And these skills are nothing Pantaleon and Simonetti showcase as rappers or athletes. It is interesting how the pair of wanna-be try-hards complete yet do not complete each other. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is one of the most offensive online trolls every scouted. Peter Anthony Simonetti, on the other hand, set himself up as a defensive-minded assistant coach on a losing minor league team. NYY News dot com is owned and operated by a couple of FOOL PLAYERS with ZERO skills.

Teammates: Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. teamed up to bring you NYY News. Trolling as a team goes back years. This relationship started when the pair trolled, stalked, harassed and even visited people off the field of Internet play. We need to take a break in the action, but check out some classic ballers from 2013…

click to watch on YouTube!

“We got a lot comin’ out. A lot comin’ your way. We see that the YouTube videos are really gettin’ poppin’… Twitter accounts… uh, Facebook… all that stuff. So, continue to check us out. Continue to listen to our music.” – Anthony Simonetti (The Official Simonetti Source)

Did Felix Pantaleon, Jr. have Peter Anthony Simonetti hit a line drive way, way, way back in 2013? Looks like NYYnews, The Official Simonetti Source, has officially gone yard. NYYINSIDER on Twitter is Pantaleon and TheSimonettiSource on Twitter is The Official Simonetti Source from Anthony Simonetti. Let’s go to the replay…

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Wow. Serious Caliber… hitting it out of the park in The Bronx! Deep to right field! Wayback in Canada.

My goodness! In case you missed the home run highway hi-jinx, have another look:

click to watch on YouTube!

“You see that… little video I sent you, **** of siciliano king driving to somebody’s house, ****? Yeah… that’s gonna be you now.” – Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (Truther Wars)

NYYINSIDER and The Official Simonetti Source – #StopIt

Why would any championship-caliber team (such as the New York Yankees) want anything to do with NYYnews, NYYINSIDER, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Anthony Simonetti of the Official Simonetti Source? Why would the pinstripes support these two pin heads? The truth is, the Yankees organization cannot do a thing because everyone has the same rights to cheer on what they enjoy. Everyone has the right to think about possible trades. All baseball fans have the right to their opinions. However, Yankees fans can certainly ask questions when death threats are made on YouTube and the image the person committing the crime chooses to show… A New York Yankees baseball cap? An official MLB cap.

click to watch!

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. of NYYINSIDER (NYYnews) chose to show a New York Yankess baseball cap instead of his face in a threatening video. Pantaleon has hid much of his appearance since the rookie years of YouTube. Anthony Simonetti is a complete narcissist who has no problems being 2nd string mascot to Pantaleon. He will shill, putting a face and voice to anything. Evidence of their #1 and #2 relationship goes back to the trolling days, to the rap music, to the Truther Wars Community and presently, to NYY News.

CHECK OUT THE NYY NEWS BLOG: New York Yankees News BLOG on WordPress!

The New York Yankees would be doing themselves a great service by cutting the pitcher and catcher from their exclusive club. #StopIt is right! Any Yankee fans should “boo” them out of the league… both American AND National Leagues.

NYY News and the Official Simonetti Source

The Official Simonetti Source - YouTube - You Suck!
The Official Simonetti Source… YOU SUCK, Peter Anthony Simonetti!

Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. have for their beloved New York Yankees – there is no doubting the respect and knowledge. These Yankee trolls know the ins and certainly get the outs. Putting it out on the Internet makes one question if this is more than Yankee love. Maybe the two career trolls are in the game to attract haters? This makes perfect sense, as New York Yankees haters come to their social networking platforms in droves.

After all, it was only this past Spring Training when the 5 Tool Players album dropped on YouTube. And both “players” seem to be cool with heckling victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, with lyrics like these:

“They all off the ‘Hook’ like ‘Sandy’ – They all ‘elementary’…” Anthony Simonetti & Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (NastyNorthNewYork)

Simonetti now uses music created with Felix Pantaleon, Jr. to promote themselves as New York Yankees News. These games (along with meaningless bogus tags and hashtags) are designed to target the New York Yankees organization, Major League Baseball, fans, haters, etc.

Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. SEO (search engine optimization) tricks on all social networking platforms to game the system. The song and the hashtags have nothing to do with baseball, but Simonetti and Pantaleon have everything to do with each other. #StopIt, guys! Everyone wants you to please stop it now.


Just look at this idiot Anthony Simonetti of the Official Simonetti Source STRIKING OUT:

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