Caliberhitter (Felix Pantaleon, Jr.) will attempt to destroy your life… both on and offline.

NYYNEWS AKA NYYINSIDER AKA Caliberhitter AKA ALEXJONESISBILLHICKS AKA Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is a New York City Creeper

A Closer Look at a New York Yankees “INSIDER” – lulz…

A little under a year ago, I was made of aware of an online personality, Felix Pantaleon, Jr., who goes by Caliberhitter on the major social networking platforms. A quick view of Pantaleon’s accounts show pictures of vacations to tropical places, music and club life, posts dealing with social injustices… on the surface, everything appears normal. Make no mistake: FELIX PANTALEON, JR. NEEDS TO COME WITH A STALKER/BULLY WARNING LABEL.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. files a false Police report
Boca Raton Police Department OCA: 2017004968


Digging into Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is challenging unless you are aware/informed about the many fake accounts he uses for nefarious reasons. Pantaleon Jr. has created hundreds of profiles to stalk, harass, bully and troll with. Every scrap of Pantaleon Jr.’s abuse is posted to an online hate community he runs on Google+ called Truther Wars. The Truther Wars community is a group of no more than ten people who pretend to be an army of a few hundred, most of which are Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

We have seen everything posted to Truther Wars… from pictures of people’s families, private phone numbers, addresses and personal information, to distributing nude videos and issuing death threats. Subjects that are “off limits” to the community in Truther Wars are children and the exploitation of minors, however…Felix Pantaleon, Jr. uses his very own niece to his advantage when he claims over and over again — she was exploited.

The word “exploited” is a powerful word and as I write this blog, pages and pages of Google search results are dumped into the Internet, his harassment aimed at victims in the media spotlight. Pantaleon Jr.’s latest attempt to link whoever and whatever he pleases to crimes against children is truly disgusting.

Google Search results manimpulated by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.


Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has robots set to autopilot on his website. Blogs posted to Pantaleon Jr.’s sites take headlines and URLs from current news stories and use a description targeting people in the media spotlight… as well as the relative Pantaleon Jr. claims to be protecting. Spamming top news stories this way, with robots every hour of every day, increases traffic to Pantaleon Jr.’s website.

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Felix Pantaleon, Jr.
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. – 2018

So the Google search results are being temporarily tricked or “hacked” to drive traffic to a website Felix Pantaleon owns and operates. This is the same site he runs advertisements on to pad his wallet. This is the same website Pantaleon recently bragged about being able to catch IP addresses so he can easily identify who is clicking on his bait.

Misleading headlines, fake news, nefarious links and using children – not only children… his relatives! – to achieve some kind of goal as the #1 online menace. Congratulations, tough guy. Too bad it’s all been documented.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. repeatedly messages Lenny Pozner electronically by tagging him to his Cyber-Stalking nonsense. Pantaleon, Jr.’s obsession grows every day and so do the “Felix Pantaleon, Jr. AKA Caliberhitter” files…

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