Peter Anthony Simonetti is YouTube & Twitter’s Simonetti Source

Major League Dumbass! The Simonetti Source!

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other SOCIAL MEDIA platforms give one Yankees fan a certain sense of ENTITLEMENT.

Nobody likes a punk-ass bitch. And who in their right mind would want to associate with a wannabe sports reporter? Well, few people do because Peter Anthony Simonetti is a douche. Simple as that… a douche. Simonetti Source does the bare minimum when it comes to vlogging about his beloved New York Yankees. Simonetti cams up in his kitchen with an old iPhone for his live chats and lays down the voice over tracks while he drives an economy car around Virginia, spewing out rumors and other updates as he goes!

Simonetti Source - #StopIt
Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source uses anit-bullying hashtag #StopIt

Peter Anthony Simonetti… an overall picture of the Yankees idiot

Yes, folks! Peter Anthony Simonetti is a violent creeper. His past dealings on YouTube make it so easy to spot. Simonetti made videos with longtime pal Felix Pantaleon, Jr. for many years – threatening others, driving to houses, intimidating people online with annoying phone calls, etc. And now their pasts have caught up with them.

“The New York Yankees look like a team EXPECTING to win…” – Peter Anthony Simonetti aka The Simonetti Source

Who else remembers when Peter Anthony Simonetti threatened to “meet up” with some of his haters at Yankee Stadium?

Simonetti Source - Rumble in the Bronx
The Simonetti Source… “Rumble in the Bronx”

Can you imagine that? You’re sitting there with your family, taking in a baseball game at Yankee Stadium…

Suddenly, a little runty dude walks up to you and where you sit and he doesn’t appreciate the things you have typed to him online. He’s there to confront you. Get the fuck outta here, Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source! Go back to your kitchen in Virginia and take your lousy attitude with you.

The Simonetti Source: Thirstiest bitch on Social Media

Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp! Peter Anthony Simonetti has a MAJOR drinking problem.

Has anyone ever seen a guy take a drink of water as he watches himself on camera taking a drink of water? If you haven’t, you’re lucky! It’s gotta be one of the most pathetic displays of being a tough guy rapper.

Thirsty loser Peter Anthony Simonetti
Thirsty loser Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source constantly drinks on camera. He is the most unprofessional LIVE CHAT YouTuber online.

The Simonetti Source is a nerd and there’s nothing he can do about it… sorry.

Many people online have asked Peter Anthony Simonetti about his liquid nonsense and Simonetti plays it off like he’s normal.

“Part of the workout routine!”

“I do this and need to drink so much per day!”

“Keeps me healthy, everyone!”

Oh, shut up! Shut up, Simonetti Source! The live broadcasts are not that long… none of them! Maybe an hour at the most? And for one hour you cannot stop chug-a-lugging like a thirsty bitch? Geez, I’d hate to be around this nerd for a day.

Veiled Threats to Other Sports Writers from the Simonetti Source

When Peter Anthony Simonetti was first starting out on YouTube, he began by picking fights with other sports writers and thought he was entitled to the New York Yankees baseball team. Simonetti would give his two cents, but nobody was having it. People online began to troll. Trolls tweeted to Jon Heyman and Simonetti took this as an opportunity to make a name for himself. He mentioned Jon Heyman’s family members, the guy’s age, who he worked for, his financial matters… it got weird!

New York Yankees sports writer Jon Heyman TROLLED by Simonetti Source and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. aka NYYINSIDER & SimonettiSource on Twitter, YouTube, etc.
New York Yankees sports writer Jon Heyman TROLLED by Simonetti Source and Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

Peter Anthony Simonetti – THE BIGGEST CRITIQUE OF THE NEW YORK YANKEES – could not take a shred of criticism.

“You’ll have a guy like Jon Heyman Snoop so low… to attack me with a troll of mine! To Snoop that low… Why?” – Peter Anthony Simonetti (The Simonetti Source)

Peter Anthony Simonetti also posted videos on YouTube and Twitter about how he was going to smack Brian Cashman around for the 2018 Yankees season. Can you believe that? Inciting violence against the General Manager of a New York City baseball club? Is The Simonetti Source stupid?

POSER: Peter Anthony Simonetti
POSER: Peter Anthony Simonetti

Peter Anthony Simonetti – is a goon.

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