New York Yankees “INSIDER” challenges people online to fight him inside Yankee Stadium.

Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source wants to meet his trolls and haters FACE-TO-FACE for a beating in New York.

The Simonetti Source is usually one helluva source for entertainment. It’s extremely funny watching this nimrod claim he is a huge die-hard New Yankees fan, yet Peter Anthony Simonetti did not attend one single game at Yankee Stadium in 2018. Actually, Simonetti did indeed show up at the ballpark when New York clinched a wild card spot… outside! Honestly. What a joke! Few people watched this painful LIVE stream chat where Simonetti Source thought about getting tickets to see a game he had planned on going to for months, then decided against it. He blamed fatigue, he was about to shoot a music video, he felt some kind of sickness coming on, he made excuses. Meanwhile, New York Yankees celebrated a 9th inning walk off slide into home by Didi Gregorius to make the playoffs.

Question: Was Peter Anthony Simonetti outside Yankee Stadium to confront a person at the ballpark? There is proof Simonetti Source wants to rumble in the Bronx.

@SimonettiSource - threats of violence
Peter Anthony Simonetti makes threats of violence on his Twitter account to beat people up at Yankee Stadium for saying mean things to him online.

The Simonetti Sour-Puss

October 24th, 2018 – Peter Anthony Simonetti must have been feeling completely lost. Boston Red Sox had just gone up two games to none on the Lost Angeles Dodgers and New York was long removed from Major League Baseball’s postseason playoffs. Maybe Simonetti had a few trolls who were giving him the business? Perhaps Simonetti Source got tired of watching Boston’s winning season? Who knows?

Something set Simonetti off!

Peter Anthony Simonetti took to Twitter and posted a very threatening tweet, stating how he would possibly confront fans inside Yankee Stadium. And if anyone thinks this is a fake threat, it is important to know Peter Anthony Simonetti’s past. Simonetti trolled people with Felix Pantaleon, Jr. under accounts Siciliano King and 22Caliberhitters. In fact, there are videos on YouTube where Simonetti drives out to people’s houses because he hates criticism. Simonetti cannot stand being wrong. Peter Anthony Simonetti loved confronting his targets face to face, trying to show them who was boss… he still does!

“A lot of you attend #Yankees games all season long. If you are confronted in person we will see how big ya balls are then.”Peter Anthony Simonetti @SimonettiSource via Twitter

Seven minutes after Simonetti Source tweeted out how he wants to confront Major League Baseaball fans in person at Yankee Stadium, he replies to followers using the word “Honestly.” The word “honestly” means “to be truthful or sincere” and is used to emphasize an opinion, belief or feeling.

@Simonetti Source - Saying hello at Yankee Stadium
The Simonetti Source via Twitter: looking for people inside Yankee Stadium he has issues with… simple as that.

Basically, he is going to do it. The Simonetti Source will go see a baseball game in 2019. He will buy a ticket for himself this time, find the person taking in a ballgame at Yankee Stadium, walk up to them… and say “hello.”

“Simple as that,” says Peter Anthony Simonetti.

“Creepy as fuck!” says everyone else.

Not EVERYONE thinks this is a bad idea!

Peter Anthony Simonetti’s biggest fan-boy and supporter is his stalking buddy of many years… Felix Pantaleon, Jr. These two fail trolls have been targeting and harassing people for quite some time. Again, video evidence is on YouTube and with a simple search for “sicilian0king” you will see their trail of fail.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. tweets out a "reality check"?
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. of aka NYYINSIDER eggs on his friend Peter Anthony Simonetti aka Simonetti Source to confront people offline at Yankee Stadium.

It is also important to mention how the pair of idiots have even gone so far as to harass a parent who lost a child at Sandy Hook in 2012 from a mass shooting tragedy. Make no mistake, Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. love to stalk, harass, intimidate and have no shame.

THREATENING Yankee Manager Aaron Boone

New York Yankees LOSE Game in the Bronx 16-1 to Red Sox

As the Boston Red Sox made history against New York (runs allowed, hitting for a cycle, biggest loss at Yankee Stadium), Peter Anthony Simonetti took to his Twitter account and thought it would be a good idea to target manager Aaron Boone. In order to do this, Simonetti needs a press pass.

Simonetti on Twitter: beat down the Yankee manager
The Simonetti Source tweets out to his followers how he would like beat up New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone.

Isn’t the Simonetti Source always squawking about how he wants recognition? Peter Anthony Simonetti is thirsting to make it as a legit reporter, or news guy, or some kind of insider. Can you imaging if this fool had any type of access to New York Yankees players, coaches, staff, etc. at Yankee Stadium? What if Simonetti Source could “confront” the sports journalists he imagines are “stealing” his ideas and inside information without giving him any credit?

One can only imagine what type of behavior Simonetti would display.

It’s incredible. Truly incredibly disgusting. Nobody should be supporting this type of behavior. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Simonetti thought about what he had done for almost an entire half day, then retweeted his own tweet against Yankee manager Aaron Boone…

Simonetti Source: retweeting violence
The Simonetti Source retweets his aggressive Twitter post toward Yankees manager Aaron Boone after only one 1/2 day.

Friggan creep! Making threats toward the Yankee skipper? This is not in good fun! And who can forget the time when Simonetti told subscribers to his YouTube Channel how he wanted to smack Brian Cashman upside his balding head?

“The nonsense. The nonsense that Brian Cashman shot out of his mouth… someone shoulda walked behind his halfway bald head and given him a chigwanda chin.”Peter Anthony Simonetti (Simonetti Source, YouTube)

Peter Anthony Simonetti fights MINORS!?!?!?

Geez! Why would anyone admit to sparring with high school students!?

Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source admits to fighting kids in High School via Twitter.


Why in the heck is Peter Anthony Simonetti wrestling and fighting children from high school and why is he tweeting about it to everyone!?!?!? This guy is just asking for it… seriously. He is totally looking to be called out on some fucked up behavior so he has a reason to fight baseball fans inside Yankee Stadium.

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