ONE – New York Yankees W1N NOTHING as of Late… Those GOOFBALLS Suck!


Simonetti Source RANTS OFF BROADWAY then Admits Goofy Truth ON TWITTER

New York Yankees fan makes a spectacle out of himself… LIVE on YouTube! Tweets he is a GOOF!!!

Peter Anthony Simonetti is a TRY-HARD Yankee and a goofball LOSER!

He rants… he raves… it’s all goof. Seriously, what a goof! What a friggan stupid goofy nerd! Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source has so much time on his hands now that the New York Yankees are out of 2018 Major League Baseball’s Playoff picture. You would think Simonetti could take an extra second or two to proofread tweets before hitting “send” out to 2,500+ followers, right? What a goofball!

Goofball Simonetti

Goof goin’, Simonetti!

On October 14th, 2018… less than ONE WEEK after the New York Yankees were eliminated from Playoff contention, Peter Anthony Simonetti is still raging and screwing up online. Simonetti ranted about ONE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP in almost 20 years time. Was The Simonetti Source goofing on them? Goofing on his followers? Was his rant an act? Did Simonetti goof and mean to type “good” instead?

“Wow what a LIVE chat. I went on a goof 25 min rant… Wow. MUST SEE.” – Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti SOUrce

Okay, maybe the “goof” was actually a meaningless typo and Peter Anthony Simonetti tried to tweet out how he went on a “good” rant?

The FIX is IN!!!

Less than 24 hours after the Twitter goof, Simonetti Source goofed on the very first word in another tweet and wrote “Tood” instead of “Told” – THE VERY FIRST WORD!!!!

*Told Ya So...
Simonetti is aware when he makes a typo. October 15th, 2018 – *Told Ya So…

The Simonetti Source quickly fixed this goof. He even included a Barry Bonds asterisk so his fans, subscribers, followers on Twitter, people trolling him, bots, etc. would know the word “Tood” was meant to be typed up as “Told.” He was embarassed, no doubt.

However, the day before Peter Anthony Simonetti was “TOLD” about some breaking news, Simonetti Source made his goof and never included an asterisk to let the world know it was all good. Then why on October 14th, 2018… why didn’t The Simonetti Source do another asterisk? And why did he need to type “Wow” twice? Was Peter Anthony Simonetti REALLY wow’d with his own crazy antics? Come on. This guy must think he’s the best thing since sliced bread! Is he delusional?

October 14th, 2018 goof
Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source tweets a goof on October 14th, 2018 and never corrected himself. Was he goofing around with his rant?

Rants from a runt

It is very possible Peter Anthony Simonetti became so light-headed, he was seeing stars and his body began to run on adrenaline. Before he knew it, Simonetti grabbed the link. Now he’s composing a tweet. Next thing you know, Simonetti Source is coming down from a LIVE chat high, completely giddy about the video he uploaded to YouTube. His work for the day is done. People donated money to watch him act like a bi-polar goofy bitch. Pretty soon Simonetti will be able to sit back and watch the views roll in.

Peter Anthony Simonetti’s “work” for the day is done!

We ALL make goofs from time to time…

A pitcher can throw a perfect game… sure, but nobody is really perfect! I’m certainly not perfect. The New York Yankees are not perfect and Peter Anthony Simonetti is definitely nowhere even close to the mark. Let’s face it, that guy Simonetti is a sloppy mess. From the way he dresses, to his weak-ass videos with goofy analysis on baseball… The Simonetti Source is far from perfection. Miles away from perfection.

And when a person uses a social media platform like Twitter, they need to bring their “A” Game because tweets cannot be edited. You get one shot. It’s almost like being on a baseball team in the Majors and committing an error. Peter Anthony Simonetti rages over a passed ball by a New York Yankee catcher, but shrugs off his own goofs. Simonetti goes ballistic over an outfielder bobbling a throw in the middle innings, yet screws up his very first word on an “important” tweet. He judges others playing a game and hates being “Judged” for grammar, spelling and elementary mistakes.

Goof - Urban Dictionary#StopIt

Or maybe that rant from The Simonetti Source was actually a goof rant and he didn’t mean one word of it? To quote Peter Anthony Simonetti:

“It’s possible. It’s very possible.”

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