The Official Simonetti Source Going Back And Forth to MINORS

Pressure MOUNTS from an IMPOSSIBLE 6-3 DOUBLE PLAY and New York Yankees Fans Wonder, “What Team does THAT BUM Play For?”

Italian Scallion Siciliano King TOASTED a pair of MINOR LEAGUERS during LIVE BROADCAST… with alcohol?

Sunday Dinner – a new album set to release for early 2018. Or is it? According to Siciliano King aka Peter Anthony Simonetti, the bad raps from his Virginia music club will be breaking no records in the 2018 Season. Unfortunately, Simonetti experienced minor (um… moar like MINORS!) setups and setbacks: Simonetti Source appeals to young teenage boys and there is growing concern about the way he treats his Dominican lover.

Simonetti Source - LIVE BROADCAST - YouTool

Sunday Dinner HYPED for months

The record “deal” was thought up and hashed out for months. Since the start of 2018, Siciliano King’s Sunday Dinner record got hyped hash tagged as #COMINGSOON on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, among others. Peter Anthony Simonetti, the Italian Scallion posing as a Sicilian tough guy who poses as wicked wack rapper “Siciliano King” from 22Caliberhitters and 5TOOLPLAYERS who posed as da Bronx Bull is now rumored to be making moves… into the minors. Strike that, no rumors about it. You can verify for yourself.

Let’s go to the play-by-play, shall we?

Simonetti Source LIVE BROADCAST on YouTube

Remember, a LIVE broadcast online is very different than making a video. Not only can Simonetti erase any bad comments with the press of a button, the King of #STOPit Props Gear must contend with some LIVE trolling. And Simonetti faces off against Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s trolls head on.

The happy accidents that go along with a live show rivals anything in the Majors. No fancy editing, WiFi going in and out, the constant nervous sipping of beverages and so on. Basically, there is no room for error when one goes LIVE. Peter Anthony Simonetti made shit tons of LIVE errors this particular Sunday… August 5th, 2018.

#StopIt - BUY IT!!! | Simonetti Source - Merchandise!
Peter Anthony Simonetti cannot #StopIt and YOU should not #BuyIt – garbage swag from Siciliano King.

Those who are the most critical of Simonetti (his trolls), were laughing at the many mishaps, miscues and misfortunes of today’s broadcast. The New York Yankees were slumping and had one game left to play against the Boston Red Sox. Then, suddenly…

Read my lips, “VACUUM”

Don’t say it, spray it: VACUUM.

The word “vacuum” was sprayed to all sides of the field. Pete Simonetti read the chat from the LIVE feed and acknowledged a comment that, yes, his Latin lover doing some housework. As The Simonetti Source was a full twenty-five minutes into his YouTube LIVE Broadcast, many trolls began to laugh. Was the woman Simonetti scouted from the Dominican Republic trolling him too?

Simonetti shook it off and ranted about his life with her… making everyone aware of the Dominican culture. Apparently, Dominicans are know for always cooking and cleaning, which gets on his nerves. How ungrateful is this guy anyway? Simonetti began heckling his woman like a Boston Red Sox Superstar.

“The vacuum! The vacuum! Malone! Coño!”Simonetti Source (during a Live Broadcast on YouTube)

Coño is Spanish for “cunt” and could be taken as simply saying “Damn!” Not the case here. It was Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Official Simonetti Source who looked like the biggest pussy, no “damn” nothings about it. Simonetti laughed with the strangers of YouTube who were invited into his room for a LIVE broadcast, saying he did not get any respect. Seeking some type of approval from someone… anyone… Simonetti asked his audience, Did you hear that Coño? I used it! I used it! She don’t care! She keeps goin’!”

The fact Peter Anthony Simonetti asked his Simonetti Source audience if they “heard that coño” while manically giggling about his curse? This is a very clear indication the New York Yankees pinhead enjoys treating women like garbage. No wonder she’s always cleaning.

Coño - from Urban Dictioonary - minor mistake from Simonettie
Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source does a LIVE Broadcast and calls his Dominican lover a Coño, which means “cunt” or “pussy” in Spanish. (via Urban Dictionary)

Peter Anthony Simonetti (Official Simonetti Source) and his MINOR LEAGUE mishaps

The Dominican coño-comment was seen and heard by many minors during the Official Simonetti Source’s LIVE YouTube broadcast. Peter Anthony Simonetti put this out LIVE for thousands of baseball fans who subscribe to his YouTube Channel. How can we be 100% sure, though, “minors” were in the peanut gallery? Well, for one thing, Simonetti attracts his young audience with cartoons, does not make any video age restricted and the free agent constantly references himself as “looking like a baby” after he shaves his beard off.

It’s one thing to crank out garbage music like Sunday Dinner, 5ToolPlayers, etc. under the wigger-persona Siciliano King, but yo, dawg. Yo… quite another deal to target children with cartoon graphics like Simonetti’s #StopIt campaign and a brand new cartoon-ish rap album cover.

Sunday Dinner - for minors
Siciliano King’s “Sunday Dinner” music album slated for 2018 or 2019! (Troll face “Derrrr” Edition OUT NOW!!!)

#StopIt – Stop It YOU TROLLS!!!

The Simonetti Source ruins hashtags and ruins himself… again. #StopIt is a very popular hashtag – mostly used for young people (underage kids) who are being bullied and cannot fight back.

It is important for Simonetti Source to be popular, idolized, well-known, recognizable, famous, worshiped, trusted, respected… yet, everything this loser does is lame, trashy, basic, corny, etc., etc., etc.

Anyone who has half a brain can recognize Simonetti as a poser with a very loud mouth. The loudness does not mean Simonetti is an expert, loudness only means he has more volume. If you happen to catch one of his LIVE broadcasts and type a few words that go against Siciliano King’s beliefs or hurt some feelings, you will be instantly BANNED from further participation.

Simonetti Source YouTube Channel bans YouTube users with the click of a button or by tapping his cellphone screen and then announcing the person’s name with a “Bam… gone! You’re out!” So why doesn’t the creepy wack rapper ban children? Why does Peter Anthony Simonetti shave his face and brag about looking like a seven year old boy again?

How come Simonetti Source is proud to call himself a baby? Where are the underage YouTuber’s parents at while their kids take in Simonetti’s saucy/spicy talk of coños, pussies, how big his dick is, how much the Yankees suck, etc. Where is the outrage this fool is drinking hard liquor from a #StopIt coffee mug in the morning and not making his videos 18+?

Why the minors, Simonetti? Why?

Simonetti Source EXPOSED to MINORS on YouTube!
Simonetti Source exposes himself and his show to young children. Under 18 is a child and Peter Anthony Simonetti does not have his YouTube Channel set up to filter out kids from his R-rated content.

“I was three in ’09… HOLY SHIT! Six in ’09!? God, I’m gettin’ old, man. Holy CRAP! Hoo! You guys made me forget what I was talkin’ about!”Official Simonetti Source (via LIVE YouTube broadcast)

Italian Scallion Siciliano King will ban people who let him know he is lame, yet will never remove the minors from listening to him swear, partly this is due to money. Why the no “ban” to children is because Simonetti gets paid by YouTube for the views. The other part is because these minors look up to Simonetti and he is fresh out of fans. Siciliano King will take it from wherever he can get it.

Absolutely disgusting.

Simonetti Source needs to make his garbage more age appropriate

Push the little button that prohibits minors from watching you scream Spanish cuss words at your Dominican lover, Simonetti. YouTube Yankees fanatics should #StopIt with being your support system. Your fake-ass gangsta rap, promoting guns, corny lyrics you cannot live up to – everything you try has been done before and something society has seen before. The face you offer minors FREE DOWNLOADS with NO PARENTAL ADVISORY warning labels is wrong. That is the difference between “them” and you.

You’ve been exposed, Simonetti. Again and again and again. You will continue to be exposed because you are tied to another Dominican who targets minors: Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is the other… “cunt” you refer to as your “best friend.” I hope you read this blog and change your wicked ways. Your beloved team, the New York Yankees, recently got swept by my beloved Beantown team, the Boston Red Sox.

And just like how Chapman gave it up in the 9th inning, a save situation… there is no saving your ass. Your team was owned and I called it. You were owned all weekend and then swept under the rug. I’m calling it here, too:

#StopIt – stop it, stoopit. Stop it or your Evil Empire suffers more losses.

Welcom to Red Sox Nation - WEST SIDE!
August 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th… 2018 – HOW SWEEP IT WAS! Welcome to Red Sox Nation, West Side!


August 7th, 2018

New York Yankees minor league team (Tampa Tarpons) throw a no-no no-hitter, yet lose the game in the final inning… again. Accept it. And deal with it, Simonetti. You have brought this curse upon yourself for targeting minors.

Minor League Baseball @MiLB - retweeted by Minors lover @SimonettiSource
Simonetti Source Retweets a Minor detail from the loss of his New York Yankees baseball team in the Minors. Tampa Tarpons combined to throw a rare no-hitter, yet the game results in a super-rare loss.

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