Simonetti Source AKA Siciliano King AKA Don Potere AKA Da Bronx Bull AKA Big Kingpin AKA Corleone AKA “Legend”!?!?!?

Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source thinks he is “on the fast track” to stardom… circa 2010! LOL!!!

Old school MySpace page and abandoned Twitter account offers insight into the mind of a poser and wannabe recording artist.

Before Siciliano King made himself a heaping plate of Sunday Dinner, Peter Anthony Simonetti was total barf as a recording artist. Simonetti AKA Siciliano King AKA Don Potere AKA Da Bronx Bull AKA Big Kingpin AKA Corleone has changed names more than a Victoria’s Secret model changes underwear. And now Siciliano King is caught with his pants down. A recently discovered WayBack webpage has led to some extremely funny nonsense on MySpace… circa 2010!

Sunday Dinner: Siciliano King as Corleon from MySpace

MySpace – a place for FRIENDS!

It’s no secret Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s friendship goes way back to years and years when they were just starting out as rappers and trolls. Simonetti and Pantaleon, Jr. has made so many mistakes online and offline, they were forced to constantly change names to avoid the people they pissed off along their journey. This is the reason as to “why” all the also known as (AKA) nonsense goes on and on and on.

Caliberhitter, 22Caliberhitters, NNNyc, NastyNorth, 5 Tool Players, 5TP, NYYINSIDER, NYYNEWS… once an alias is discovered by their enemies, Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti freak out over their online reputations.

For the most part, Simonetti has stuck with his real last name these days. Simonetti uses Simonetti Source and Siciliano King on social media platforms, but when he was Corleone back in 2010, the first paragraph of a MySpace bio mentions Pantaleon, Jr. AKA NastyNorthNyc.

Sicilaino King's Sunday Dinner prequel as CorleonerPantaleon, Jr. pointed Siciliano King into a more mainstream approach? That’s what the bio says and that’s very interesting because these idiots stand against everything mainstream. Both Pantaleon, Jr., and Simonetti constantly criticize news, sports journalists and everything they are unable to accomplish in life. They will even go against popular public opinion… just for the fun of it. This is all the pair of dipsticks do because they are trolls.

“Corleone is on the fast track to becomMing [sic] a Major Recording Artist!” – Peter Anthony Simonetti (about himself in 2010 on MySpace)

Siciliano King: a “Legend” in his own mind

Simonetti the Siciliano King knows absolutely nothing about marketing or graphics or how to make videos. Pantaleon, Jr. does all those things for him. And Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has a difficult time with the English language, but Simonetti can run his mouth all day and night. You might say, “Too bad they don’t use their energy to do good things in this world!”

Impossible. They are two of the corniest idiots on the planet.

MySpace rapper Corleone AKA Siciliano King
Before Sunday Dinner, Peter Anthony Simonetti of The Simonetti Source was Corleone the MySpace rapper.

Failures from forever ago…

Simonetti Source pushes his new album Sunday Dinner under new rap alias Siciliano King as much as he can on Twitter. What’s interesting is how this Twitter account was specifically created in 2018… the year Boston Red Sox won the Fall Classic in Los Angeles, California at Dodger Stadium! And an even more mind-blowing discovery: Peter Anthony Simonetti has an old Twitter account from 2009!!!

There are a few questions for Simonetti about the old Twitter he created. The first question would be, why was Simonetti Source tweeting out every single day for over a week about not receiving a passport? Did he ever get the passport? What’s the deal with not having any followers? Was it embarrassing that nobody liked or retweeted his tweets? And lastly, how can Simonetti Source abandon a Twitter account from 2009, the same year when those juicing New York Yankees won their division and went on to also take home a World Series title?

2009: What in the heck is going on?

Legend of the Siciliano King
Peter Anthony Simonetti takes selfie-and titles the photo “DonP22legend_400x400” for an old Twitter account.

We have established how Pantaleon, Jr. does all the graphics, video and photo work for Peter Anthony Simonetti. If that’s the case, was it actually Siciliano King AKA DonP Corleone who titled the pic “Legend” or was it Felix Pantaleon, Jr.?

It’s funny to imagine Pantaleon, Jr. setting up the Twitter account and trying to get his buddy involved in the digital world. Pantaleon, Jr. is 100% behind all the graphics and marketing. Simonetti is too much of a goon. Just imagine these nerds emailing each other and sending messages of inspiration…

“Simonetti Source! I got the photo you took of yourself in the bathroom. I was able to play with the colors a bit and make it more natural. I cropped this one to a square size so you can upload it to Twitter and it won’t cut off your head. The dimensions are 400×400 oh, I also titled this pic ‘DonP22legend’ cuz you are legendary, man. It’s 2010. We’re on our way and gonna make it soon!”

“Yo. Got the pic! This is hot! Do you think it looks like I have an enormous vagina on my neck though? Is there any chance you can Photoshop out the towel rack from behind my shoulder? What do you think about using this one on our next album?”

“Let’s keep the towel rack. I can see it in this other pic I did for you… added some purple to the flash. Looks pro, man. Obviously, we’re on our way.”

Siciliano King... You Suck
Photo by Peter Anthony Simonetti. Photoshop by Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

And again…

Peter Anthony Simonetti AKA DonPCorleone22 AKA Siciliano King AKA The Simonetti Source tweeted out in 2009 how the Yankees sucked. Simonetti Source was 100% sure the Yankees were losers. Maybe this is the reason why he gave up on that account?

“They will NEVER WIN WITH A-ROD!”Peter Anthony Simonetti (New York Yankees expert source) via Twitter

DonPCorleone22 AKA Siciliano King
Peter Simonetti AKA DonPCorleone22 tweets out how the Yankees suck with A-Rod and will never win anything. LOL!!!

Click the image to see what Siciliano King had for Sunday Dinner!

SPOILER ALERT: It was Mac & Cheese… LIKE A BUM!

Simonetti and Pantaleon, Jr. connection in 2009 on Twitter

The only reason why Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are friends is painfully obvious: THEY ARE BOTH WICKED RETARDED! Two losers who lived in a lousy part of New York City came together in hopes of climbing out of their sewers hand in hand. The reality of it is, Simonetti and Pantaleon, Jr. found each other and joined forces to troll online so they could feel better about their lame situations.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Look at this dumb idiot posing and acting like a hard-ass tough guy. Click the pick and watch a couple of videos from The Simonetti Source. He’s bi-polar, schizophrenic, has amnesia, suffers from a severe identity crisis, drinks does drugs or is just plain nuts.

Or all the above. A try-hard Yankees fan trying everything he can think of to be cool!

Siciliano King Sunday Dinner (YouTube)

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