NastyNorthNYC – SICILIANO KING is actually Italian Scallion

Peter Anthony Simonetti makes MUSIC and a HUGE MISTAKE! Cappin’ someone’s A$$ while sporting a New York Yankees logo on BASEBALL CAP! is Peter (Pete) Anthony Simonetti from Virginia & an IDIOT – Totally TRIGGERED from his FAKE GANGSTA Past, Dawg…

Yo-yo-yo! Chances are you haven’t heard any Siciliano King music Peter Anthony Simonetti put out long, long, long ago. And there’s an even bigger chance NOBODY has EVER seen how Simonetti promoted his crap. Yeah, the “c” is silent… and deadly. Now Simonetti aka Siciliano King can be found on YouTube looking and acting like the Italian version of Vanilla Ice! Hahahaha! OMG!

Oh, totally…

Peter Anthony Simonetti from The Official Simonetti Source as Don P Corleone aka da Brox Bull aka Siciliano King
The Official Simonetti Source points a weapon at an unknown target. Sicilano King with the smoking gun…

Siciliano King is Italian ICE… QUEEN!

Take a good look at this poser from The Official Simonetti Source – a YouTuber who Felix Pantaleon has been best friends with for years. Do either New York Yankees fans own guns? It is hard to say if Peter Anthony Simonetti from The Simonetti Source does in fact own a gun. Anyone who knows Felix Pantaleon, Jr. knows for certain he is unarmed. However, Siciliano King is pictured above holding a handgun. Siciliano King holds a smoking gun, so it is strongly believed the weapon is his. The pair probably got together one night and had themselves a little photoshoot.

Siciliano King runs around Madonna’s old New York stomping grounds, highly doubt Simonetti listens to the Queen of Pop ever. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. no doubt loves Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Britney Spears… all those female artists. You can bet Pantaleon was laughing at his friend and imaging the song “Vogue” playing as Siciliano King tried to look tough. - When You Strike a pose... and strike out for posing.
Siciliano King (Anthony Simonetti from the Simonetti Source) pwned with poser meme.

And it’s hysterical how Siciliano King himself mentions certain cities from New York in his music. He mentions the Bronx, Washington Heights, maybe a city in his home State of Virginia and… you guessed it! Queens, New York.

“Protect it up like a Trojan horse. Got a beef? I’ll Call NastyNorth. Caliberhitter’s in NYC… V.A. to New Jersey.” – Peter Anthony Simonetti (Siciliano King)

Maybe it is time to let New York Yankees fans know the truth about Peter Anthony Simonetti from the Simonetti Source on Twitter along with Felix Pantaleon, Jr. Both Yankees fans share the website – Pantaleon, Jr. can be found at NYYYINSIDER on Twitter – and both have made so much music together.

YES – Network… Network of Super New York Yankees SUPER TROLLS! Let the Siciliano King and Caliberhitter hear all about it and how you read this and other articles about them. Tell Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. about everything and we will keep pushing for the New York Yankees to make these mascotts famous. Check out our SEO from Google results that is sure to get the attention of the New York Yankees Organization sooner or later.

Trolling the Pinheads...
Major League Trolling
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Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has claimed in the past he wrote FOR the New York Yankee Organization. Not about. Pantaleon, Jr. said with his own Yankee-loving mouth he wrote “for” the New York Yakees.

Pantaleon said this a few times.

Pete Simonetti and Music

As of this date, there are four or five independently produced underground rap albums and a long list of songs. Not only have we shown Simonetti promotes the New York Yankees with lyrics, logos, guns imagery, etc., Simonetti Source promotes his buddy Felix Pantaleon, Jr. heavily. Pantaleon is on every cover it seems. The pair of New York Yankees fans are in tight with each other.

Siciliano King - Corleone - NNnyc - Nasty North NYC
OFF THE CHAINS! Siciliano King aka Corleone NECK YANKIN’ in NY. (albums available on Google Play)

Sicilian King aka Simonetti Source Makes Music as NNnyc with Caliberhitter aka Felix Pantaleon, Jr. aka NYYINSIDER

Many of the albums over the years are Pete Simonetti and Pantaleon in close up. The list of aka names goes on forever with these Yankee fanatics. We have found a few for Pete Simonetti aka Don P Corleone aka Corleone aka Da Bronx Bull aka Siciliano King aka 5ToolPlayers aka 5 Tool Players aka Anthony Simonetti aka NastyNorthNyc aka NNnyc aka Don Potere AKA Big Kingpin aka Peter Anthony Simonetti from the Simonetti Source aka Anthony Simonetti.

What’s next??? Tony Soprano aka Anthony Soprano aka Tony Fake Falsetto aka Pete the Ladies Treat Baritone Bass in Your Face?

Also linked with AKA names is Felix Pantaleon, Jr. Pantaleon had multiple sock puppet accounts online where he used these accounts to target and harass others. Perhaps this is the reason for all Siciliano King’s AKA names? After all, Simonetti wants to go legit, but with a best friend like Felix Pantaleon AKA Caliberhitter AKA 22Caliberhitters aka ALEXJONESISBILLHICKS? It’s no wonder he chooses to reinvent himself every single time he puts out new music.

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Creating original music is one thing. Having artwork made for you on sites like to be used as promotion of goods on other crowd-sourced sites is another.

Simonetti aka Siciliano King the SHILL

Peter Anthony Simonetti wants you to buy his garbage. Simonetti promotes a company called to SEO himself on Google search results. The Siciliano King sells everything on TeeSpring from coffee cups to hoodies to T-shirts to tanktops. He hashtags the word #STOPit – an anti-bullying hashtag. StopIt has been well documented as a hashtag for those who are, or have been, abused by online targeted harassment.

Now Siciliano King wants you to stop the bullying of himself and his buddy Felix Pantaleon, Jr. They want you to stop it and buy it.

#StopIt - BUY IT!!! | Simonetti Source - Merchandise!
Peter Anthony Simonetti selling merch, like cups, clothing, c-rap, etc. #BuyIt… STOPit! – Siciliano King on TeeSpring!

How much money does Siciliano King earn on a shill site like TeeSpring? Our best guess is hardly anything. He does not promote TeeSpring in his music, so this is no doubt another scheme to create better search results on Google.

“Stop it! C’mon… #StopIt!” – Simonetti Source (YouTube)

Italian Scallion Peter Anthony Simonetti stinks of onions and garlic. His stench brings tears to this writer’s eyes. Sometimes Siciliano King’s antics are funny as anything I’ve seen. Most of the time it’s just plain sad.

Good thing I’m from Massachusetts… land of the come-back kids. Home of the Boston Red Sox and Red Sox Nation. Welcome to the party, pal.

Welcome to RED SOX NATION!
Welcome to Red Sox Nation. New York Yankees fans & Yankee fanatics… dance with the loveable losers. We will all have a WICKED good time.

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