Simonetti Source and NYYNEWS ruin their reputations by talking nonstop smack.

Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are two of the most IDIOTIC insiders for New York Yankees news and rumors.

Phony psychic predictions, fake intel and biased opinions lead to a baseball season of failure.

New York Yankees fans should take a hard look at a pair of try-hard fakers. The scams of Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are hysterical. Two of the worst Yankee insiders make some of the most horrible online content the internet has ever seen. What started out as something very meaningful to these New York Yankees fans, has quickly turned into hilarious comedy at their own expense. At this point, Simonetti and Pantaleon, Jr. are the Edward D. Wood, Jr. content creators of Bronx Bomber news and rumors.

Peter Anthony Simonetti (The Simonetti Source)

Let’s begin with the fool who goes by Simonetti Source on YouTube and Twitter. Peter Anthony Simonetti talks a lot of smack about baseball, especially his own team, The New York Yankees. One of the many sayings Simonetti used over and over again this past season was, “The Yankees are a team that plays like they are expecting to win, not a team playing like they want to win.”

Something like that.

Simonetti makes videos like a YouTuber who is expecting fans to like cheap videos and cheap talk, not like a YouTuber who wants fans to like production. He uploads videos with half a wall and half a door behind him. You can hear Simonetti’s girlfriend, fiancee, wife (whatever the relationship is!) vacuuming their house in the background on many videos.

A multi-billion dollar organization backed by a loser’s cellphone and hot air. New York Yankees fans deserve better.


Simonetti Source constantly sips from water bottles, #StopIt mugs, dinner glasses or one gallon jugs. Then he has the audacity to call out others for being unprofessional. Have you ever seen a reporter from ESPN, YES Network or any sports show drinking so much liquid? Forget the whiny voice. Disregard his corny haircut and ask yourselves, “Why does this knucklehead think he is so cute drinking on camera?”

Thirsty loser Peter Anthony Simonetti
Thirsty loser Peter Anthony Simonetti of the Simonetti Source constantly drinks on camera. He is the most unprofessional LIVE CHAT YouTuber online.

I mean, just look at goofball-guy looking at himself as he drowns his sorrows. Simonetti (or should we call him Sip-onetti?) is totally checking himself out while he guzzles! Talk about amateur hour. Peter Anthony Simonetti makes video rants that are only 1/2 hour long, yet he pounds fluids within the very first five minutes! Is Simonetti Source suffering that bad from dehydration? It’s as if has just come from working out in a gym with no air conditioning… straight out of Egypt!

Talk about someone being full of themselves? Try to stop staring at the huge mole in his eyebrow for a second and take note of how Peter Anthony Simonetti totally checks himself out downing a beverage. And the amount of liquid Simonetti ingests during his live broadcasts is laughable. Tea, water, Herbalife shakes, alcohol, coffee… this guy has a terrible drinking problem.

Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink…

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. (NYYINSIDER & NYYNEWS)

Another New York Yankees fan, blogger, vlogger and fake Yankee insider with no sources is Felix Pantaleon, Jr. It was Pantaleon, Jr.’s bright idea to contact Peter Anthony Simonetti at the end of 2017 for the 2018 baseball season. Pantaleon, Jr. got Simonetti to re-invent himself for YouTube and Twitter as a source for New York Yankees news and rumors guy. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. must have figured, in order to do this New York Yankees news and rumors idea, he would have to recruit a loser who was cornier than he was.

Pantaleon, Jr. has a much different style than that of the beverage guzzling Simonetti Source. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. rarely shows face on video. He is all graphics and audio.


Felix Pantaleon, Jr. repeats over and over on YouTube videos how he speaks two languages and somehow, being fluent in Spanish is the reason why he cannot pronounce certain words. This is a load of garbage. Pantaleon, Jr. does this on purpose to give him a reason to attack others.

His go-to phrase: “If you axe me…”

What a try-hard idiot. Purely intentional garbage mouth and forced slang so people will comment with “The word is ‘ask’ – A. S. K.” Once his poor speech is put into question, Pantaleon, Jr. will argue how he knows two languages. Wow! A whopping two languages? Then why is it that the only Spanish words Pantaleon, Jr. has ever spoken are “hola” and “commo estas” – the most basic of basics. Nobody has ever heard Felix Pantaleon, Jr. rattle of a full sentence in a foreign language.

Having a Spanish speaking YouTuber talking about the New York Yankees would be amazing! Panaleon, Jr. could bring something different to the table and really make a name for himself. The question is, though: Will he do it?

The answer is a hard “no.”

Why won’t the Dominican do it?

Because… he is a Dominican’t. You can bet Pantaleon, Jr.’s Spanish is so amateur and elementary, he would only open himself up to Hispanic trolls. Pantaleon, Jr. has threatened (on multiple occasions) how he plans to upload content in Spanish and troll Sandy Hook families. He frequently takes trips to the Dominican Republic, but stays in his room for the entire vacation out of fear of not knowing how to properly communicate with locals. What a joke! Pantaleon, Jr. doesn’t speak Spanish and has a bad speech impediment.

How can Felix Pantaleon, Jr. fight things he has a hard time understanding? Why does he insist on posing for a living?

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. - Egg-Head Guy
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. loves taking selfie pics with his one fake chain. Pantaleon, Jr. sports the cheapest jewelry, some of the most horrible clothes and rocks a dumb haircut. He is known as the Egg-Head Guy around Washington Heights, New York.

What a freak show! Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is so lame and the best part is… HE DOESN’T GET IT!!! Pantaleon, Jr. does not understand how absolutely dumb he comes off. He dresses like a clown, poses like a teenie-bopper, speaks like a monkey with marbles in his mouth and still lives with his parents.

Pantaleon, Jr. takes himself very seriously. You cannot make this stuff up!

The WORST Sources of Information

Now that we’ve covered Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s stupidity and fake online personas, why would anyone support such clown acts as these? Two guys who claim to be New York Yankee “insiders” are nothing but pretenders. A pair of idiots are acting like experts with no real sources. This douchey duo are two of the most hot aired mouth breathers to ever talk baseball.

Their only source? They think the Yankees are the best team ever, so that makes them experts!


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Gaming the system:

Money for nothing… donating to con-artists who don’t deserve it

Simonetti Source and NYYNEWS are eBeggers
Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are eBegging for people’s money so they can talk smack about nothing.

What people need to do is picture themselves in a sports bar…

There’s an annoying guy at the bar, someone exactly like Peter Anthony Simonetti. This character is drinking all the time he’s talking. He’s pounding jugs of water. You’re asking him genuine questions because the guy has been telling you he is “in the know” and laying out whoppers with some half-assed answers. A group of people gather around as he downs glasses of water.

“Who’s gonna win the World Series?” you wonder.

“Yankees… all the way.” the Simonetti-type drunk guy says.

Cool. You buy him a drink. Another person at the bar becomes curious. He wants to know the insider’s insights on the game being played that night. Another barfly asks questions about trade rumors. People walk by the table and give high fives to the Simonetti-type dude. You’re able to get his attention with another question.

“What have you heard about this guy and that guy?”

“What have I heard about this guy and that guy? Well…” he closes his eyes as you wait. “My understanding is, blah-blah-blah, this and that, lie-lie-lie.” People begin to throw him money. New York Yankees fans shove dollars into his wallet. Yankee lovers smile as they shower him with a dollar here… a dollar there… five dollars.

THIS IS eBEGGING! This is just a bum sitting on his bum, pretending to be a hotshot analyst.

“Like” it or not…

The worst thing Peter Anthony Simonetti does? He starts a live chat on YouTube, has about thirty people in the chat and before getting to the meat and potatoes of his livestream, Simonetti is telling others to “please get the likes up” in order to make it appear as if the chat has cred.

A video of a douchebag talking about nothing, wearing a cartoon shirt, drinking fluids, making horrible predictions, lying about his connections… give me a break! This is one of the silliest things on YouTube I have ever seen!

“Share this baby out.”

“Guys, please get the like up.”

“I appreciate that donation.”

“Yankees look tremendous!”

“Yankees look miserable!”

“Felix says that, but I dunno. Maybe? It’s possible.”

“Guys! Again! Please get the likes up! I appreciate that.”

Friggan loser. eBegging idiot. Wannabe try-hard nerd. Both Peter Anthony Simonetti and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are two of the most goofy New York Yankees fakers on the internet. It’s no wonder their target audience is 13-16 year old boys. Anyone older than a teenager is tuning in to watch the train wreck for a good laugh and donating to keep the shit show alive.

Pantaleon/Simonetti - NYY News - Internet Yankees Troll Patrol
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. and Peter Anthony Simonetti aka NYYNEWS/NYYINSIDER and The Simonetti Source

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