How to TRIGGER the Internet’s Dumbest Troll

New York Yankees “insider” cannot take the HEAT of criticism, jokes or calling his baseball team OUT!

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. RAGES as he is CONSTANTLY TROLLED.

The New York Yankees baseball team and Felix Pantaleon, Jr. are on the receiving end of some serious trolling. Yankee fans are up in arms about 2018, where New York was expected to go deep into the postseason. Yanks were eliminated by rival sports team Boston Red Sox. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. took this epic loss to heart and now it’s time to take a few swings at the triggered snowflake known as Caliberhitter.

TOP 10 TROLL TRIGGERS for Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

We have put together a “top 10” list Felix Pantaleon, Jr. rages about. These “triggering” subjects (from numbers 1 to 10) will result in Pantaleon, Jr. raging in the most epic temper tantrums.

WARINING: many of the tactics Felix Pantaleon, Jr. uses against an individual while triggered will be harassing phone calls, targeting family members, isolation from friends, threats of talking to the police, empty promises of jail time, websites dedicated to defaming, doxing of business and home addresses, shameless posting about pedophilia and non-stop electronic bullying.

10. MENTAL ILLNESS (it runs in the family)

It’s obvious Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is dealing with a bad case of mental illness. Is it schizophrenia? Bi-polar? BOTH??? We know mental illness runs in the Pantaleon family as his sister Mabel Pantaleon suffers from severe manic depression disorder. Perhaps Junior bullies others to make himself feel better?

Felix Pantaleon, Jr.'s sister Mabel makes headlines!
Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s sister Mabel suffers from mental disorders and called her family terrorists as reported by Daily Mail, ABC News, OK! Magazine, E! Online and other major news outlets.

Be sure to ask Felix Pantaleon, Jr. why his sister Mabel screamed about him and their mother being a terrorists. Ask why she ran away from home and ask why so many online news agencies wrote about the incident. This story was covered by ABC News, Huffington Post, OK! Magazine and all the way across the pond, making The Daily Mail online websites. And let’s all question why so many major news organizations decided to write stories featuring a glorified movie extra. These articles, no doubt, were published in retaliation to Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s internet antics.

9.TRUTHER WARS (no more G+ Community)

The online Google+ Community owned and operated by Felix Pantaleon, Jr. was recently taken down after years and years of terrorizing people with constant social media posts. With over 300 sock puppet accounts and hourly postings of hate, the Big Wigs at big brother Google decided enough is enough and pulled the plug.

R.I.P. Truther Wars!!!
Truther Wars (R.I.P. 2018) was a Google+ Community loaded with sock puppet accounts and trolls who engaged in online harassment.

Truther Wars was Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s hub for internet trolls where a few rejects gathered to stroke each other’s egos. Now Pantaleon, Jr. has nothing. Nowhere to stick his madness. No major outlet to vent frustration, laugh about bad Photoshop, gang stalk YouTubers and engage in targeted harassment.

R.I.P., Truther Wars rejects.

8. TATA PANTALEON (Felix Pantaleon, Sr.)

Why would Felix Pantaleon, Jr. tell the World Wide Web his father needed a heart transplant operation? Tata Pantaleon may or may not be looking for a donor heart, but making videos and trying to gain sympathy was a dumb move. Junior only associates with trolls. What did Junior think would be gained by alerting the heart-to-heart message to trolls? Junior must enjoy his Senior getting in on the internet abuse. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has mentioned his father used up body organs faster than the average person because of drinking and smoking. Hard to tell if Tata was an abusive drunk to his son, so let’s just say, “yes he was.”

“So I’m putting this on record, okay? And people know about this. My father had… or has… heart issues, okay? He’s waiting for a transplant.” – Felix Pantaleon, Jr.

7. SHIRLEY PANTALEON (sister in Florida lies to police)

It’s bad enough Felix Pantaleon, Jr. harasses parents who lost children at Sandy Hook. That’s right! The 2012 tragedy where a gunman took the lives of teachers, children and himself is somehow funny to Pantaleon, Jr. Did you think the creator of “Hollywood Death Fakers – the Story of River Phoenix” was capable of anything lower than saying River Phoenix never died?

Shirley Pantaleon-Nunez - Orlando, Florida Hoaxer
Shirley Pantaleon-Nunez files fake Child Protective Services report against a parent from the Sandy Hook School shooting. Click the photo for the full PDF police report…

Pantaleon, Jr. also claims Bill Hicks is alive and well, faking his death and posing as Alex Jones. Not only that, Jim Morrison never passed away and is Rush Limbaugh? Really? And Brandon Lee, son of legendary Kung-Fu Master Bruce Lee, has been hiding out as a Truther on YouTube named Christopher Green? Pantaleon, Jr. wants to be known as the idiot online who trolls the dead, Sandy Hook is no exception. Now that the police have intervened, Pantaleon, Jr. is trying to backtrack and rage about how he never supported such horrible ideas.

Yeah, right. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. loved the controversial posts about dead children and is a major Hoaxer floating in and out of the Truther cults of YouTube. This is some of the most disgusting nonsense any human being could troll grieving families with. Things got too hot, so he involved his oldest sister, Shirley Pantaleon-Nunez. The Pantaleon family conspired and filed false police reports along with bogus Child Protective Service complaints against a Sandy Hook parent.


Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has been on the internet for years, harassing people online and making a mess of his life by trolling. The troll must have figured that he was untouchable. As more people began to learn about this creepy loser from YouTube, more people began to spread awareness with YouTube videos. One trick Pantaleon, Jr. did to hide his nonsense was to flag content painting him in a bad light. There was no safe place to put out warnings because the Hoaxer from Washington Heights, New York would flag and remove the everything about himself. Pantaleon, Jr. would then up his troll game and harass those who spoke out. Social Media’s Most Wanted was created to document Pantaleon, Jr.’s trail of fail on a secure website.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. - Social Media's Most Wanted dot com
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. absolutely RAGES about being on the website – a site where internet Hoaxers are identified and called out for their trolling behavior.

Pantaleon, Jr. absolutely HATES Social Media’s Most Wanted! Much of the online results popping up from searches link back to this very site. You can bet it drives Pantaleon, Jr. into fits of rage how good the search engine optimization (SEO) is when people Google his name and see what kind of internet criminal he has been for so many years.

5. HONR (The HONR Network)

Another website making Felix Pantaleon, Jr. rage to no end is – a site set up by one Sandy Hook parent that brings awareness to the cruelty and criminality of abusive activity, both online and offline. This is absolutely amazing how 4 letters (H-O-N-R) can make Pantaleon, Jr. so angry!
Lenny’s HONR Network – est. 2015… where Hoaxers are not welcome. Click this image to visit their site and help those who fight against online cruelty and support the individuals who are changing laws to punish Hoaxers like Felix Pantaleon, Jr.!

Existing laws make it very difficult and costly to prosecute people like Felix Pantaleon, Jr. Some loopholes only embolden Pantaleon, Jr. to spread defamation and disinformation, as well as employ intrusive and threatening behavior with relative impunity. Group efforts from The HONR Network have affected positive changes to existing laws as well as the creation of new legislation. Society can begin to hold Pantaleon, Jr. (and others) personally accountable for bad behavior. Maybe this is why Felix Pantaleon, Jr. gets so triggered?

4. APPEARANCE (physical abnormalities and douchebag style)

Yes, we are ALL God’s creatures! However… Felix Pantaleon, Jr. is a creature who will make you question if God has a terrible sense of humor. From a head shaped like an egg to lips the size of a whitewater raft, it’s possible there was some human interference with heavy drinking by Pantaleon, Jr.’s mother while in the womb. There is also the chance all the good genes went to Felix Pantaleon, Jr.’s older sisters. Aside from the obvious abnormalities of birth defects, there is a strong possibility Pantaleon, Jr. contracted the herpes virus. Skin bleaching masks his Dominican roots.

He is the ultimate retard. Felix Pantaleon, Jr. dresses himself in some of New York’s cheapest clothing. How about those sunglasses though? You can get a pair just like Pantaleon, Jr.’s for $3 on the streets of New York City from a sidewalk vendor. That allowance from his parents goes a long way because by the looks of it… Pantaleon, Jr. owns one gaudy watch and a fake gold necklace! Who wants to make a bet the shoes he wears are for special people?

3. MAINSTREAM MEDIA (articles mentioning Felix Pantaleon, Jr.)

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. has got to be the most bi-polar troll online. One day he does everything possible to insert himself into situations that will make news headlines. The next day Pantaleon, Jr. rages when his name is mentioned by media outlets. Is it because this troll is a con-troll freak who needs his name mentioned in a certain way? This has got to be the most delusional freak on the planet.

NowThis News - Felix Pantaleon, Jr. warned by FBI
Felix Pantaleon, Jr. making headlines. It was mentioned on NowThis News how Pantaleon, Jr. was spoken to by the Feds.

Felix Pantaleon, Jr. goes after Sandy Hook families, talks smack hoping to trigger a race war, pushes conspiracies claiming celebrities have faked their deaths, contacts police departments in various States around the country, has an endless supply of sock puppet accounts trolling the internet, digitally harasses others who speak out against him… the list goes on and on. Pantaleon, Jr. is starving for attention! Yet when he receives it (or makes news as the horrible monster he is), there is some type of mental illness that kicks in.

Embarrassment to the family? Schizophrenia? Paranoia? Bi-polar buyers remorse? Who knows. It’s a real shit show with this guy when he is in the news.

2. RED SOX & YANKEES RIVALRY (Boston wins – New York loses)


2018 Boston Red Sox - Team Photo
Boston Red Sox won 108 games in the regular and defeated New York Yankees in the ALDS! American League East Champs for 2018! What a TEAM! GO RED SOX!!!

For an entire Major League Baseball Season, Yankees fans trashed their pinstripe players. Boston did damage at Yankee Stadium when they celebrated a first place finish inside the Yanks visiting clubhouse before the playoffs began. Red Sox eliminated an entire team of Bronx Bombers during the American League Divisional Series. More champagne was popped to the tune of “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra as the once Lovable Losers embarassed a city that doesn’t sleep.

Too many great moments from Boston’s 2018 Season and way too many mishaps that went down with New York’s organization to cram into one blog. Know this: 2018 was the year we saw Boston cruise to another Dream Season. Most wins in team history while taking another American League East pennant. Weeks later, an ALDS Playoff victory over their rivals, played out with unlikely heroes from Beantown and big-time athletes going bust in The Bronx.

“Get in the fuckin’ box…”

It was the year Felix Pantaleon, Jr. blew a gasket after a Red Sox pitcher told the opposing star Yankee catcher to “get in the fuckin’ box” before striking him out. New Yorkers went bananas when a home run was crushed by this same slumping catcher later in that same game, giving the pinstripes a late inning victory at Fenway. With their season on the line, Boston Red Sox took the next two games at Yankee Stadium and ended New York’s much hyped 2018 year.

A rivalry for the ages.

1. NYYNEWS.CO (not dot com… dot-c-o!)

Yep. We’re #1…

…start spreading the!

NYYnews - NYY News - New York Yankees meme: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US - Felix Pantaleon & Anthony Simonetti - NYYINSIDER & The Simonetti Source


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